The world IS better because of you. 

I’m sure some of your clients can attest to that. The change you’ve helped facilitate with one person at a time… or many, has had the opportunity to spread it’s energy and influence to many others and that’s a beautiful thing.

And yet now at your next level something is just not clicking.

See, I like to compare having a transformational business to being in a relationship.

We often get into relationships with the false notion that somehow they’ll make us whole.

And we often get into business with a similar false notion. That somehow they’ll make us free.

And that once we get the clients and the money and the love we can finally be happy.

We think that’s the end game and all will be well. And while it “feels true for a while,” TRUTH sets in.

And just as in any relationship we often show up to our next level in business with old baggage in-tact and we don’t even know it.

The new glow of love in this exciting next-adventure-stage of the game, quickly fades and the honeymoon is over just as quickly as it began.


All the things we thought were so wonderful about this relationship (business) is eroded by our projections, judgments and old stories.

We bring our old fears, old stories, hurts, wounds and insecurities and we think that if we’ll learn some special marketing techniques or read a few inspirational books, or binge watch all the gurus we’ll know exactly what to do to turn things around.

And we’re as willing as ever to take action to do what it takes… Except when we’re not…

You’ve had some success and yet you still find yourself worried about:

Being more visible, choking in sales conversations, not being able to get clients to ask YOU for the sale, running potential clients away with “higher fees,” sharing a message & marketing content in ways that the “right” people get it, being rejected, what others do/will think, making mistakes, failing “again,” being overwhelmed, looking stupid, secretly being a hot mess, not knowing enough, or being seen as a fraud EVEN when you’ve been in the game for years

And yes…

Even fear of your own thoughts

Our conscious minds don’t make it easy for us to succeed.

With the programming we’ve picked up since we were young it’s easy for our minds to worry and fret about “how” to get the results we want in our lives and businesses.

As much as you want to succeed, your well-intentioned “keep you safe” monkey mind has you with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake at the same time.

Ever been there in a relationship? You think, “why can’t I make this work?!” 

The kicker is that it never matters how advanced or evolved you are, there always seems to be a “new devil at every level.”

Luckily for you, I don’t believe in the “devil.”

And you were not born with “negative” beliefs and habits, you acquired them… and you can make them UNFAMILIAR.

JeeJee Reflection Pic

Hi I’m JeeJee Saafir, M.A., Certified Rapid Transformation Coach, Transpersonal Psychologist, and Sales Mentor (oh, and the Fun Police… issuing warrants if you aren’t having any!)

And I created this safe space just for you. Get to know me here.

Here’s to the best relationship you’ve ever had with your business! xoxo JeeJee