What’s your Grand Stand?

You know, that key idea you stand for that you want to see spread in the world?

I mean that idea deep in your heart, that you feel the world needs to wake up to.

And how do you find the lady-cojones to get out there & shine your light, say what you’re called to say, and embrace your role as a Love Leader… even in the face of self doubt, occasional crazy making emotions, and just the sheer fear that other people may not value what you have to say?


I’m JeeJee and I know only too well what it feels like to hide out and play small, thinking you’re not good enough, that you don’t know enough, and being afraid to make mistakes because the world could laugh at you or reject you, right?

BUT I also know how powerfully good it feels to shed your fears and doubts (time and time again), and share your voice, energy and passion with the world, to inspire and transform others with your message and your work.

Let me tell you what I’m a stand for…

I believe that there is a leader hidden in every follower.

I believe that true leadership does not begin with people to lead, it begins with SELF DISCOVERY first.

I believe that the ONLY true lesson in life there is… is of LOVE.

I believe that you are worthy to go about your days with more joy, more harmony and step into the great unknown with love.

I believe that all healing in the world, begins with healing the Self… AND…

I believe that FUN is serious business. (F.U.N. Feel Unlimited Now)

I am committed to more and more women feeling safe to be seen, to be heard, to be shiny, and lit up AF about themselves and their work in the world.

There is a tribe of people waiting for your voice, your message, your insight, your wisdom, your JUICE, and the life lessons you have to teach, and they can only receive that wisdom and “get it” through the messenger that is YOU.

People are waiting to wake up to their own unique brilliances and capabilities and there are those who can most easily transform with your unique guidance and energy.

Doesn’t matter if you think there’s a million people out there with a similar message.

Doesn’t matter if right now you think “who the hell am I to share my wisdom.”

You are a channel of wisdom for someone, or a whole bunch of someone’s and it’s time to own it.

I’ll show you how.

JeeJee xoxo

“Rising as Leaders in Love together”