Hey lady,

Love is my game, and helping you attract your Soul Clients is my aim.

Think of me as your Soul Client Matchmaker & Client Dating Coach.

These days, if you haven’t noticed… superficial, cookie-cutter, or boring AF messages don’t make coaching clients “want you.”

And we both know there’s a lot of coaches online already distracting your peeps with their goodies.

But how do you make them look away, and pay attention to YOU?

What’s a girl to do to get her love notes read, and to be pursued instead of being the pursuer all the time?

How do you inspire your Soul Clients to want YOU?

It’s simple… they need you to be YOU. 


It’s time to woo em’ with your words (the ones they want and need to hear), show em’ your wonder (that juice that is you), share your wisdom & wares (your expertise & irresistible offers they’re ready to invest in), and seal the deal with a transformational (conversation) “date” with YOU.

Oh, but there is this one CRITICAL thing you have to get clear on before you write another post, create another program, or have another conversation.

Ya’ gotta know who the heck your Soul Clients are? 

Let me help you get clear on WHO you want to work with, WHY you want to work with them, and HOW you can help them. 

Get clear. Get visible. Get clients.

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