Hey lady,

Love is my game, and helping you find your “miracle” message, call in your Soul Clients, and make amazing money giving a voice to your Soul’s work is my aim.

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I used to walk around thinking… “out of the 7 billion people on this planet, how can one little freckle-faced black girl actually make a difference?”

At the time I didn’t think I could possibly matter.

And back then my concept of “God,” was interesting. I thought “God” had wayyyyyy better things to do than mess around with my trivial problems.

I mean people were going hungry, right?

But with struggle, and pain comes the search for meaning…(You know all about the constant “seeking,” don’t you)?

And through that winding road I ended up here coaching, training and sharing the gifts, teachings and lessons that my “PhD in life” has brought me to share.

See, the whole plan of liberation (freedom to do what the heck you want, when you want, with who you want) is one of teaching and being taught by those who are just a hair’s width apart from us in understanding.

Most of us need a teacher who is street wise, that we can relate to, who’s had some drama, like… bills to pay and problems with coworkers and bosses, and shitty love relationships, family members to argue with, bodies that don’t function optimally, and so on…

Cause in the practical world of “helping” each other (co-creating), with our challenges, we’ve finally discovered that the best drug counselors are former addicts. The leaders in the Alcoholics Anonymous movement are former alcoholics. Make sense?

The training you’ve received by going through your own shit (I like fancy words… can you tell…), has qualified you as an effective coach, trainer, healer or teacher.

They say “many are called but the chosen are few,” but the truth is “ALL are called, only a few listen.”

You listening?

There is a tribe of people waiting for YOUR voice, your message, your insight, your wisdom and the life lessons you have to teach, and they can only receive that wisdom, and “get it” through the messenger that is YOU.

And I want you to feel safe being seen, being heard, being a leader, and receiving great money for your work, because those people are waiting to open up to their own capabilities and brilliance’s, and they can most easily transform with your unique guidance and energy. 

Doesn’t matter if you think there’s a million people out here with a similar message.

Doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re stuck with not knowing how to communicate your ideas.

Doesn’t matter if you think “who the hell am I to share my wisdom.”

Doesn’t matter if you wonder why anyone would pay you good money for that wisdom.

You are here to be a miracle (channel of wisdom) for someone (or a whole bunch of someone’s). It’s time to own it.

When you take the pressure off, you take the limits off…

And I’m here to walk with you,

-JeeJee xoxo