Why is it Necessary to Sell Bliss? Why Can’t You Give It Away?


I was listening to an interview with well known spiritual leader Osho.

This guy is pretty funny, has the most fantastic quotes and is really an inspiration to many.

In this interview he was asked, “Why is it necessary to sell bliss? Why can’t you give it away?

To this he responded:

Because anything that is just given away is really not taken by anyone. The higher the cost the better people will keep it and save it in their treasuries. Give it free and it has no value because people don’t understand value unless it has a price. They understand price, they don’t understand value.”

Not satisfied with this answer the interviewer continued: “Why does bliss have to be sold?

Again he responded:

The higher the price you pay for something, bigger is your estimate about it. If bliss, ecstacy, etc, were like water and were free, no one would be able to see their value. You don’t know the real value of water unless you have been thirsty in a desert.

I concur with this message. 

Often in the coaching world there’s a disconnect around “selling” your gifts… selling your unique brand of transformation… selling the bliss your potential clients so desperately want. 

But I have to be real with you.

Coaching (one of the best methods for transformation on this planet) has to be sold.

It’s a fact you’ll need to embrace if coaching is going to create real livelihood for you. 

Maybe you don’t like the word “selling.”

It often puts you in the mindframe of cold calling, arm twisting, and trying to talk to people who don’t want to be sold. 

You get images in your head of you stumbling all over your words in conversations with potential clients, you worry over saying the right things, you fear they’ll judge you for the prices you want to charge, and the list goes on.

Selling my dear is the lifeblood of your business and there’s no two ways about it.

It’s time to embrace this subject that gets such a bad rap.

And it’s ok. I get it. Selling isn’t something we’re born knowing how to do.

And doing it can make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. I get it.

We are in physical bodies. So the humanness of us experiences discomfort. It is what it is.

But we can change this.

I’m on a mission to help as many transformational coaches as I can embrace a new way of “being” with selling.

You’re a coach because you want to change lives and for you to be held back by the discomfort of the “s” word is truly a disservice to those you’re meant to help.

You must embrace this: Selling is not something you do TO a person, it’s something you do FOR a personGet it, Got it, Good.

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And remember, the more money you make is an indicator that you’re helping more people change their lives for the BETTER!

I believe in the power of coaching, do you?

Then let’s change the world one transformational transaction (sale) at a time.

You may sell with my blessing, 🙂