The One Question You Need To Ask Yourself As a Coach to Sell More Coaching


What you need to ask yourself as a coach in regards to your belief in selling more of your services is…

Will my client be better off with or without my product or service?

Will their life be better off with or without my product or service? [Ok so thats two questions] 

If the answer is “Yes, I can believe that,” then look to believe it!

You have to have beliefs that empower you.

You must find ways to believe.

You can’t say “oh this happened last time so I don’t believe…”

That’s a cop out.

Use your belief as leverage.

Here’s a few very important things to believe:

1. You must believe in the power of coaching

2. You must believe in the work you uniquely do

3. You must believe in those who may be helping you get where you want to go

4. You must have belief in your earning potential; you are in this to make money AND change lives

5. And the trickiest. You must have belief in yourself.

Here’s how to build belief if you don’t quite fully believe in yourself:

1. Crank up some music and do a happy dance to get your energy moving and creativity flowin’ (Happier people sell more easily, they’re just more likeable)

2. Know what you offer and it’s benefit to others and stay current to new developments in your industry.

People will soon see you as the relevant go to expert.

3. Continuously read and listen to inspirational materials.

Fill your brain with positive information otherwise you get stinkin’ thinkin.’

A poor attitude leads to poor results.

I go to the spiritual gym every single day without fail.

You must build your muscles and cultivate a positive win-win attitude.

5. Stay visible.

Stay in front of potential clients as much as possible and offer value as much as possible (and don’t forget to offer what you do!)

Remember idleness is the devils workshop. [I don’t believe in the devil, but you get the point]

Don’t do too much thinking and not enough sharing that thing you do.

Your work doesn’t have to be perfect it just needs to be shared.

Overthinking is the enemy of implementation.

6. Act as if.

 Visualize yourself being successful (it is as almost as powerful (and sometimes more powerful) as actually doing it)

There have been times I visualized an outcome with a potential client and it seems as if I just stepped right into it happening in real life without any prior action except allowing what I visualized to unfold.

7. Use strong positive body language whether on the phone or in person and your mind will follow. 

When you’re positive physically you’ll be positive mentally.

Exercising is a great way to help you improve your body language and the way you feel.

8. Find ways to keep yourself excited and enthused about your work.

Celebrate the teeny tiniest things and the big things.

Look for what is working.

Be forward looking, imagine people flocking to your work.

Imagine yourself getting better and better at what you do.

Imagine helping to change your clients lives because you believed in yourself.

If you’ll find ways to believe you’ll work on being better at selling and receiving money from that amazing thing you do.

You have my permission to sell! 


Ready to get really comfortable receiving money for that amazing thing you do?

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