Why People Buy Regardless of Price


When I first got started working for sales companies & in the direct sales industry, I thought I needed to know everything about everything before I could sell our products and services.

At one point I sold parts.

That meant parts for offices, airplanes, you name it we were a major distributor of all things parts. 

And at one point I sold sex toys, and there were some luxury toys I didn’t always feel comfortable about selling because they seemed pretty pricey.

So, I thought I needed to know every  benefit and feature of everything and know everything about my clients and customers before I could sell them anything and justify our prices.

Truth was, I was just scared. 

I thought if I could hide behind my knowledge they would want what I had.

What I learned was that I was simply holding up progress.

Sure a little knowledge about the customer and our products going in was smart practice, but I really only needed to know the basics to begin. 

Over time I would come to know more than I even wanted to know about about our products without even trying.

The skill I really needed to be sharp at was just staying curious.

Turns out when I just stayed curious about my clients as real deal everyday people and asked questions about them and what they wanted, kept things light, and just stayed true to being myself instead of some salesy person out to make the almighty dollar they bought from me.

And sometimes they bought from me even though my prices were higher than the competitor because they knew, liked and trusted me.

They bought me!

See, selling is not something you do TO a person, it’s something you do FOR them.

I enjoyed wonderful relationships with my clients and customers because of this fact and they referred me and raved about me because of it.

They invited me into their worlds after “work” hours because they enjoyed being around me.

So if you’re a coach and you’ve got a message to share and something valuable to teach but you’re all turned around about selling & marketing that wonderful gift you have, you’ve got to remember to just STAY CURIOUS.

In your curiosity & dare I say naivete (not knowing the outcome, but being willing to give things a try and see what happens), you’ll find that there are some phenomenal, fascinating people in this world who really could use your help RIGHT NOW.

And you do yourself and them a great disservice when you’re hung up on having all your ducks in a row, waiting until you get that next training or certification or your website is perfect or insert [fear/procrastination/sabotage tactic here].

Not that continuous learning isn’t beneficial, but when you’re using it as an excuse not to take action on your dreams NOW and you aren’t making money or gaining experience helping people then it’s not what you need to be doing right now.

You miss out on generous income and you help no one transform.


If you learned how to do this one thing (sell from the heart/client enrollment) you could do a lot of other things in your business less than perfect and still always be able to gain clients and create great income for yourself.

Ready to get really comfortable receiving money for that amazing thing you do?

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