The Secret Psychology of Free Sessions


I often hear great coaches express their distaste around doing or even being on the receiving end of a strategy/breakthrough/discovery/free session.

There’s this feeling that free sessions are just salesy tactics to get someone to whip out their credit cards.

There’s a feeling that there’s something inauthentic about these conversations and that somehow the person they’re talking to is going to see them as sales-y, pushy or all about the money.

I get it.

I felt that way too.

I used to worry about what the other person would think of me.

I worried if they were just waiting for me to ask for the sale.

I worried if they’d reject me, think I was good enough or wonder whether I knew enough to help them.

I let self-judgment get in the way.

But I’ve now been in the world of sales for years.

I’ve worked in direct sales, distributor sales, one on one sales, I’ve been a telemarketer, I’ve done cold calling, and I’ve done inside and outside sales calls.

I’ve had 100’s upon hundreds of sales conversations and in fact I’ve come to love a sales conversation because sales conversations are transformational and if you do them right they become transformational transactions.

Nowadays however I’m not selling penises (yes I sold sex toys), or parts for airplanes or offices (yes I sold other kinds of parts too), I’m selling the invisible.

You can’t take this kind of thing home and make love to it or hammer it into a hole. (You’ll never know how many sexual innuendos there are until you sell parts, there are little female screws, male screws and all kinds of other names I’m assuming men made up when they started selling parts, it’s hilarious… but I digress).

I remember my very first discovery session with a potential coaching client, I didn’t even get an offer out of my mouth because I’d helped her solve her problem.

I did it ass backwards.

I didn’t want to be seen as salesy or all about the money so instead I just coached.

But hell if you never talk about money you don’t get to have it.

Lesson learned.

A closed mouth doesn’t eat.

So I had to learn the psychology behind what I was trying to accomplish in these sessions.

I know you’re saying, “JeeJee but I don’t have a background in sales, this isn’t natural for me.”

I hear ya…

The solution…

You’ve got to understand why you’re doing it, believe in why you’re doing it and have the opportunities to DO it over and over again until it does become natural!

No background in sales required.

So let’s look at the psychology of a free session.

What is the purpose of a free session?

The number one reason is to create change.

You are there to help someone create change.

You’re there to help them get into action.

And no, action doesn’t always necessarily mean they DO something it can be an inner action as well, but getting them to move forward in some way, whether they hire you or not IS the purpose.

We want them to take action that will help them long term and yes hiring you may very well be that action.

A really good free session also serves to awaken and bring clarity to what’s going on below the surface for your potential client.

Potential clients need to tune in to what they want and what’s getting in their way, and your job is to help them discover that for themselves with QUESTIONS.

Often the answers to these questions are something they’ve never really let themselves truly think about or tell another person.

A good session creates a space where people allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to see that their pain is no longer tolerable.

A well-crafted conversation, though strategic, also allows for your intuition so that you stay present and in the moment with a potential client.

If you’re doing it right you’ll be able to “coach” them to use their own guidance to see that what you have to offer is exactly what they need right now.

What a free session is NOT…

A free session is not about solving all your client’s problems in one session.

You are not there to prove the value of coaching and you can’t solve all they’re problems in one session anyway.

There is no need to play Superhero Coach to try to prove to them that you’re worthy and that they should work with you.

Who’s gonna need you if they feel like you’ve given them all the information they need to do this on their own?

For example, if you are a weight loss coach you can’t help someone lose 50 pounds in one session.

That would probably be really painful if you could.

True LASTING transformation takes time, period.

A free session is also not to be used as a HOPE strategy where you hope they’ll sign up with you.

We do not go into a session with needy energy.


Yes we want to gain new clients and make money, but needy energy is repellant.

Show up in the energy of service with the intention that you’re on a treasure hunt to see if this client is someone you’d love to work with and if they are, then you naturally guide them to discover for themselves that you’re the solution to their problem(s).

You can learn to do this and I can help. Click here<<<

Free sessions are so valuable.

They are an absolute gift for someone.

Adopt a mindset that says “working with me is a gift of transformation.”

Tell yourself “If they’ve called me, it’s my time!”

Feel curious. Your meeting someone new and you get to ask them questions. It’s fun!

Be relaxed, welcoming, embracing and excited.

Your coaches request…

Get clear and write down the answers to the following:

What would your business look like if you had…

5 discovery sessions every week? or 10? or 20?

How much would this increase your income?

What would you have to believe is true about yourself in order for this to be a reality?

What is one action you will take today?

Be bold and share your gifts.

Your peeps are waiting for you.



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