Create Irresistible Offers by Knowing the Secret Psychology of Potential Clients


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There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of effort into your marketing and programs only to have it all fall flat because no one seems to want what you’re offering.

Often the problem (beyond the sabotaging thoughts you’ve got going on in your own mind) is that you’re not speaking your ideal clients language and you’re not offering them what they truly want.

So what is it that your potential clients (Mr. or Ms. Right Client) REALLY want and how can you create offers that are irresistible to them?

To really know what they want you must uncover their biggest challenges, stuck points, pain in the ass problems, juicy dreams & deepest desires.

Let’s look at Relationship & Sexuality coaching clients. What do they REALLY want?

  • To feel a deeper connection to their partner
  • To satisfy their partner in bed
  • To repair or resolve a potential break-up
  • To get their ex back
  • To be multi-orgasmic
  • To feel attractive
  • To feel “wanted” by their partner
  • To find the right partner
  • To last longer in bed
  • To learn how to keep a partner
  • To get married
  • To heal after an affair and move forward 
  • To learn how to date successfully
  • To make a boring sex life fresh again

Many coaches make the mistake of focusing on what they think clients need and don’t look at what the client truly wants (or at least what the client “thinks” they want).

Even though you think they need to love themselves more, or work on their self esteem, or have some spiritual practices (even though you may totally be right), the client is looking for the result.

We have to meet Mr. or Ms. Right Client where their minds are at.

The great thing is that while you help them get what they think they want (to get their ex back, to find the right partner, to be great in bed, etc.., along the way they always get what they really need (to love themselves, etc.)

Let’s look at an example.

Clients “should want” to have unconditional love in their relationships.

Most people would agree that this would be a very good thing, but this isn’t at the forefront of their minds as something they’re “hungry for.”

What they may be hungry for is having things go back to the way they were in the beginning of their relationship.

They want to fall in love all over again.

They want their relationship to feel fresh, hot and new.

What they “need” may be to love themselves and each other unconditionally, look for the best in each other and not try to change each other.

But, that’s not what they’re gonna buy.

That’s not what’s going to sell.

Those may be the “tools,” but they’re not the results they want.

Truth is, the only reason anyone wants anything is because they believe they will feel good in the having of it.

So what clients are looking for is the feelings and the situations that seem like they’ll create them. 

That’s what you want to offer them.

For example: A woman might want to feel “secure” and loved in her relationship. So you may teach: “How to inspire your man’s total devotion to you” to help women connect with their man deeply and emotionally.

Example: A man might want to feel “confident” pleasing his woman in bed. So you may teach: “The secrets to blowing your woman’s mind in bed, over and over again” to help men understand what their woman really wants and to feel confident satisfying them every time.

Now you try one. Say you’re a “Get Hitched” (Marriage) Coach.

What are the pains, problems, challenges, desires and dreams of people that want to get married? Fill in the blanks…

Bottom line: If you meet them where their minds are, you’ll be able to make irresistible offers that have Mr. or Ms. Right Client eager to invest in your services.

Your call to action: Make a list of your potential clients’ biggest challenges, stuck points, pain in the ass problems, juicy dreams & deepest desires. And then use those words whenever you write or speak. 



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