That *ish about “I’m not good enough”


Hey beautiful,

If you’ve been in the planning stages FOREVER, you might want to look at your unconscious motives.

If you’ve been stuck in the planning phase of your business for a while now, I think you know that at some point you’re going to have to take action to get things moving.

There’s only so much reading, researching, studying and planning you can do. 

Don’t be afraid when I talk about action.

Most of it will be inner action, but you know there’s some practical outer actions you have to take too. Think the 80/20 rule…

Inspired action is what you’re reaching for.

You just can’t keep “being busy.”

Busy does not necessarily equal clients.

At some point you’ve just gotta get outta’ dance class and get on the floor and dance!

Might you look like you don’t have all your shit together?

Maybe… AND what???

Jelly London happy dancing cool weekend

The only way to get better, get consistent and enjoy the process is to do it, more and more.

There’s something more important than thinking you need to learn one more thing and that’s… IMPLEMENTATION.

Granted you’ll still want to learn new things along the way, but you can’t keep waiting before you start.

So if you find yourself taking another class or reading another book or searching for the golden ring online, I would suggest that you look at your motives.

What are you afraid of?

Here’s a snippet of some deep questions from an exercise I UBER love by Hans Phillips.

I would suggest you ask yourself.

These aren’t pretty questions but it will make you more aware of what survival mechanisms you’re using that are holding you back.

Here they are…

  1. What are you afraid people are going to find out or decide about you? (e.g., “I’m weird, unlovable, unworthy, undeserving, lazy and stupid)
  1. If people found out that you were any or all of the above, what do you think would happen to you? (e.g., “I’d be abandoned, rejected, humiliated, thrown out.”)
  1. What do you do so that people don’t find out or decide that you are (fill in the blank with answers from question 1)______ ,________  , _________  , __________? These “doings” may include thinking, feeling or physical responses, for instance, “I get sick, I feel guilty that I’m not good enough, I think about ways to better myself.” This also includes things that are generally considered actions. I laugh a lot, I procrastinate, I look busy, I ride my bike and do other physical activity, I meditate.

 And here’s where you give those vulnerable answers:

  1. What I do so that people don’t find out or decide this about me is I… 

These are all the ways you cover up your fears. These are your survival mechanisms. It’s time to have the courage to embrace your fears.

Fear is simply a feeling, it’s NOT a thing. It does not have to run the show.

It’s often more so the case that you’re projecting your OWN fear thoughts onto others, and then people and circumstances reflect right back to you what YOU are thinking about YOU.

So as you sit down to write that next email, push publish on that next post, reach out to potential clients or collaborators or get ready for anything, push pause on the fear thoughts, and think about how you want to feel about you.

Think about how you’re being of service to the peeps who may need you.

Stop making monsters and judges out of people.

Your mind is the biggest judge.

We can’t hate ourselves into a version of ourselves we can love. -Lori Deschene

Think about how good and worthy you are period.

Not because someone likes what you’re saying or doing but because YOU like YOU.

Think about it… Would you want to work with someone who was jazzed about you and looked forward to connecting with you,  or who was afraid of you and what you might think and never reached out?

One of the secrets to creating and selling deeply transformational coaching programs, big obvious drumroll please… Is… You valuing yourself and the information you offer.

So as you go about your day to day activities here are a few truths to affirm…

I am always accepted when I accept myself

I am always loved when I love myself

I am always respected when I respect myself.

Remember no one else can think your thoughts but you. 

And no else can feel for you either.


They say dance like nobody’s watching…

And I say do it even if that *ish isn’t perfect. DANCE!