Why No One Actually “Needs” A Coach


This guys a bit much! What is this the military? I digress…

You hear the harmless threat all the time from guru’s telling you that if you really want to change your life then you “need” to step up and invest in Coaching.

And honestly you’ve heard it from me too.

But the truth is no one actually “needs” a Coach.

I know, I know completely blasphemous, right?

But it’s the truth! No one “needs” a Coach.

Just like no one needs a personal trainer, or a financial advisor or a wedding planner.

It’s a CHOICE.

And it’s a choice you make for yourself because you believe that it’s in your best interests.

You’re telling your monkey mind that you’re really SERIOUS about what you want to achieve, you’re tired of the self sabotage, and you want to give yourself the opportunity and permission to follow through and finally DO the damn thang!

See, it’s one thing to “know” something needs to change, like you’re supposed to exercise, but it’s another thing to actually show up for an exercise class.

And it’s a whole different ballgame when you have a personal trainer waiting for you at your agreed upon time, who knows you and knows that body of yours and will challenge you, push you and encourage you and blow through those excuses.

If you hire a personal trainer (maybe not that douche in the picture), I think that means you’re pretty serious – and you usually see results much quicker.

When I work with a personal trainer, my body transforms much more quickly than it does alone and I’m stronger than ever. 

Think about it… the athletes of the world, football stars, basketball stars, track stars you name it, all have coaches and trainers, it’s built into the system.

They understand this very well.

Sure those athletes can achieve things on their own, but there’s nothing like who they become when they’ve got a great coach.

That coach pushes them, challenges them, and encourages them.

And you watch as some of these stars blow your mind with their gifts.

It’s that great potential and drive within that athlete taken to a whole new level.

It’s one thing to go it alone making a little progress here and there.

But it’s a whole different ballgame when you have a Coach who knows you and knows what you want, who’s waiting to talk to you 2-3 times a month, who will provide accountability, stretch you, encourage you, hold to your vision and help you question your limiting beliefs and excuses.

Hiring a Coach says you’re SERIOUS and READY to see some results – and soon.

So do you need a Coach?

You sure the hell don’t!

Being needy is not a prerequisite for hiring a Coach.

Having a Coach is something that you CHOOSE because you’re ready to start achieving more faster than you ever could alone.

The choice is always yours.


Coach JeeJee 😉