Are you addicted to these 2 things that keep you from growing your business?

Frustrated woman in business

Are you still addicted?

Addicted to struggle?

Addicted to shiny objects?

You’ve got this great idea one day and you’re clear as hell and gungo to implement and then…

For some reason you hop online to get your fix…

And now you’re inspired by something else, and it’s someone telling you, that you can do it this way to get the effect, and this way as well…

And then, you say “ok I’ll do it this way now… this sounds good too,” or “I’ll piece meal it with my other stuff and make it all one gorgeous conglomerate of genius!”

So you get your fix…

You get that high…

But what always happens?

Somewhere in the process, you fucking crash…

You’re confused as ever.

And you jump to get another fix.

And you notice that somebody’s killin’ it with online courses, somebody’s killin’ it 
with email marketing, somebody’s killin’ it with webinars, or group coaching, or 
masterminds, or live events or whatever it is…

Somebody’s always killin’ it with something…

And you’re listening to all of em!

You gotta get your fix.

Somebody’s got to know the magic formula to make your life and your business

It is an addiction.

And now you don’t know what the hell the think, and what the hell will really work for YOU.

You’re drunk…

You’re drunk on all the options.

And you’ve half ass tried many of them, stopping, starting, studying them and never
really using what you learned.

But you can’t do all those things.

They’re not meant for you.

The addiction is not healthy.

I want to tell you the most simple things to focus on that are meant for YOU.

And you know this stuff, but somehow simple is too good to be true, and you’re
off again looking for something else to put into your veins…

Another fix…

Cause you’ve tried selling high end offers, you’ve tried building your list, you’ve tried
the mindset techniques, you’ve tried [insert thing here], and nothing has worked.

Or it’s worked with very little consistency.


The shit sucks, and it’s time to purge the addictions and get on track…

Welcome to the land of self-help addiction breakthroughs…

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