Why BEING YOU is the Most Client Attractive Part of Your Marketing


The other day I ran into a friend at an event and he said that he’d read my last article.

You know, the one about addiction to struggle and shiny objects.

He said he’d noticed that I had cussed a few times in that article and he was taken aback, because he’d never seen that done in the consultant space before.

I never really think of myself as a consultant, but that’s beside the point.

I’m sure he’s probably gonna read this, so shout out to you [you know who you are].

Anyhoo, after he said that, I thought about whether I should go back and edit the article in every place I had shared it.

I did notice that on Instagram fewer people had liked the post than my others and I thought about editing it there first.

But after giving it some thought the truth is that dumbing myself down is no longer my style.

Another friend said to me recently in a conversation that had nothing to do with this subject,”people want you to dim your light, so they can feel comfortable…”


I’m not tryna do that. 

When I dim my light, it’s harder to figure out what to write about and how to market and who to speak to and what to offer.

But when I’m me it’s easy and the RIGHT people hear my message and are attracted to it and my offers.

Just like in a relationship. 

You want to show up as you. 

Not who you’re pretending to be just to be liked or loved or accepted.

My clients all know that I cuss and the majority of them do too.

Yeah, we’ve got degrees and years of professional experience and blah, blah, blah and we still cuss.

We don’t cuss like sailors but every now and again it comes out.

It’s natural.

I had a project in psychology class in undergrad where I was supposed to
see if I could stop cussing for a week.

At the time my son was young and his dad and I did not get along
too well.

So it was a serious challenge.

I gave my self a hefty punishment if I cussed, to see if that would curb it.

That punishment, was writing 100 times”I will not cuss,” if I cussed even once.

What the hell was I thinking.

100 times! Every time I cussed!

Needless to say this experiment was an epic failure.

My fingers hurt so much.

After the experiment ended I decided that I didn’t want to completely stop cussing. 

And that I actually liked it in appropriate doses.

The experiment did show me however that I had a potty mouth in front of my son so 
I did stop doing that.

It wasn’t all for nothing.

Anyway, the point I want to make today is that…

In 2017 you gotta be authentic to the bone in your marketing.

I’m not saying to start cussin’ if that isn’t who you are. 

That might not work for you.

And I’m not saying I’m gonna start cussin’ in everything I write, cause I’m

But it works for me when I feel like it…

Because the right people listen and the wrong ones go about their business.

And when people listen to me BEING ME they give themselves permission to show
up and be who they are.

Personality and all… 

So in that last article I said I would tell you what to focus on instead of the struggle and the shiny objects.

And BEING YOU is one of the biggest pieces that will help you kill it in your marketing and attract clients who say YES on the spot to working with you.

So here it is…

#1 You have to have a clear offer.

An offer that stems from your zone of genius.

We all have PhD’s in life experience and there is something you’ve been uniquely prepared to teach and share because of where you’ve been.

So what is the transformation that only you can uniquely provide and how does it affect your ideal clients life?

#2 You have to know your ONE high impact client.

The person you’re uniquely meant to serve.

Who’s your Mr. or Ms. Right Client?

You are not here to serve everyone.

You aren’t saving the world.

You need to speak to that ONE in your marketing and in your offers.

These are your Soul Clients.

One of my old mentors used to call clients “VCO’s.”

That stands for Vibrationally Called One’s.

Cause that’s just how they show up in your world.

They are vibrationally called by you.

They are the clients who “vibe” with you.

They are attracted to you and are a match to who you’re BEING.

They are the ones who don’t give a fart if I cuss.

And finally…

#3 You need to know your natural conversion strategy.

You must be authentic to the bone in all of your marketing, period.

And there is a way YOU do that, that is most natural to you.

Your conversion strategy is not your webinar, or FB posts, or the things you
use to get your message out.

It’s something that is within you.

A way you show up that’s easiest and natural for you.

You must sell from your zone of genius.

Stop doing things you hate and start doing what feels most natural to you.

Or tweak the thing you hate doing so that it feels good to you.

Enough about what everyone else is doing.

BE YOU and keep it simple.

Let it BE simple.

One, two, three… 

Clear offer, ideal client, natural conversion strategy.

That’s it…