Newsflash… You DON’T sell Coaching…


Hey coach, lemme give it to you straight.

And it’s not your fault if you don’t know this. 



Many don’t understand what they’re offering.

I’ve seen waaaayyyyy too many websites sharing the “benefits of coaching.” Snore… 

That is an outdated method of operation.

You must understand the VALUE of what you’re selling.

You’re not selling your time, you’re not selling information & you’re not selling your knowledge. 

You may want to read that last statement again.

You don’t sell coaching, you sell an outcome/results.


Your clients are never buying your process.

No one gives a fart about your process.

No one goes to the store at 5am looking to buy a PILL for their headache.

Their not paying for a pill.

They’re at that store tryna’ hold it together until they can get the “relief” the medicine promises. 

They are buying the RELIEF. 

That’s what your clients want. THE RELIEF from their problem!

Makes sense, right?

So if you can help them find relief and transform their lives, why are you undercharging for that gift?

Let’s say you’re a relationship or sex coach…

You deliver a service that promotes intimate relationships and/or sexual well-being (confidence, intimacy, orgasmic pleasure, happiness, positivity, connection, etc.) and adds years of quality living to a person’s life.

Don’t you think you deserve more than that?

As a relationship or sex coach who also has the skill sets that help people love themselves (HELLO!)  You help people love and accept who they are! That’s huge! Shouldn’t you get paid well for that?

That is priceless considering the lack of self acceptance, self criticism, and shame, not to mention the general state of most relationships in today’s society.

Let’s go further, you are helping people lower their stress levels and have the skills to create healthy relationships with coworkers, family, and friends! Wow!

But you still continue to undercharge and compete on price?

There is something seriously wrong with that logic.

Is it that you think you’re not a good coach?

Is it that you’re afraid you can’t help clients get results?

Is it that you don’t know how to motivate, inspire, coach and hold your clients accountable?

Because I know that if you know your stuff, there’s no reason why you should be undercharging and competing on price.

You don’t have to know everything. You just have to be a step or two ahead of someone to help them. 

You’ve learned, accomplished, or overcome things that are of serious value to people.

See, people will pay for a premium service when they believe it’s valuable.

Everyday people pay for Starbucks coffee that’s 1600% more expensive than making coffee at home.

People choose the iPhone over the Android, even though the Android costs a fraction of what the iPhone costs.

If you’ve got what it takes then charge what you’re really worth!

If you don’t have it then get good at it. 

Learn from the best coaches and mentors, study the best and see how they inspire and hold their clients accountable.

Learn the business of coaching and know it better than any other coach or expert in your industry.

Understand why people buy coachingwhat it is they really want from a coaching program, how to sell them what they want, and how to leverage and grow your business no matter what the competition, economy or demographics in your area look like.

You’re an awesome coach. What you do changes lives… literally.

Don’t undercharge, don’t compete on price, and don’t give a shit about what everyone else is saying or doing.

Be the best at what you do. Guide clients to the results they seek. Bring the energy to every course, workshop or session you deliver and you will get paid what you’re worth!


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