Feel like you’re always chasing clients? Here’s how to be pursued instead…


The other day a friend asked me, “JeeJee, how do you get men to like you?”

I paused and repeated the question back because it took me by surprise.

“Huh, how do I get men to like me?”

“I don’t GET men to like me…”

“I’m just myself…”

“You just have to be yourself…”

I said a few other things, but in a nutshell, this was my best advice in the moment.

And for me that means liking/loving and KNOWING yourself.

More often I find awesome coaches and experts trying to be liked, instead of beginning where it matters… within…

Because the unfiltered, natural you is the best you there is…

But what I see is coaches & experts pursuing clients from a different space.

You’re “after” the clients, you’re trying to “get” them, you’re trying to MAKE them like you with your marketing…

You’re always in pursuit…

And one of two things happen when you’re always in this energy of pursuit.

I’m gonna assume you’ve probably dated or been in a relationship before, so you may have seen this dynamic at work.

The person (potential client) you’re pursuing only has two options when you’re “after” them, so to speak.

They can either SUBMIT to you, and finally say “fine, I’ll do business with you,” (or sure, we can try being in a relationship…)

When really, they’re only agreeing because they feel coerced into it.

Not because it’s something they feel naturally inclined or inspired to do.

Unfortunately, these are the clients, who sign up, have buyer’s remorse and cancel with you a few days later by email.

The second thing they can do is RESIST.

These are the ones that you’re following up with, that say “yeah, call me on Friday,” and they’re not there when you call, or they’re ignoring all your other follow up phone calls and emails.

And the worst is when you finally see them in public… AWKWARD MUCH…

Neither of those approaches work.

So, what are you to do?

What’s a loving, trying to make a difference in the world, type of person like you to do?


Like Fat Joe said… LEAN BACK.

You want to stay in your power as the Royal Advisor you are.

Assume the throne.

AND then…

You get clear on your irresistible offer (that unique transformation that you provide).

You learn how to articulate it and say it in a way that is music to your ideal client’s ears, and you learn how to show that it’s possible to get that transformation because you have a system to help them get there.

And I can help you do those things.

These are all things that allow you to stand in your power and INVITE PURSUIT.

And what is it that your clients want that they should pursue YOU?

Is it…

To feel a deeper connection to their partner?

To satisfy their partner in bed?

To repair or resolve a potential break-up?

To finally find the love of their life?

The key is to make your offer so inticing and well-articulated that you become the pursued, and you allow the right people (Mr. or Ms. Right Client) to step up and say “yes I need that. “

But it’s gotta come through the authentic you.

You gotta be yourself, know yourself, assume the throne, and LEAN BACK…

Some will love you and some will walk away and it’s ALLLL good. 

Getcha’ lean on and see what happens…

Talk soon,