Marketing, Selling & Lady PUA’s… Oh my…


If a guy walked straight up to a girl and said, “wow you’re really nice looking, would you like to go out to dinner?”

He’s probably going to get a “No Thanks,” or a “I’ve got a boyfriend” reply….

He MUST qualify her first.

He has to create some type of connection, right?

He might ask questions like…

Are you married or single?

Do you have kids?

Do you live on this side of town?

At the risk of writing too many cliché questions, I’m gonna stop there, but you get the point.

He must connect first, hold her attention and then when it feels right… go for the sale (date).

And it’s no different with business.

You can’t ask you for money (SALES) until you’ve made a connection with someone and taken the time to build enough relationship (MARKETING) with them to know if you can truly help them.

Are you prequalifying them or are you just going in for the KISS (Sale)?

Here’s the kicker though…

No matter what, you will not be comfortable or successful selling that amazing thing you do, if you have not taken the time to build relationship with YOURSELF enough to know the real value of what you’re offering and it’s benefits to others.

Let’s take this back to relationships.

If you’re looking for Mr. or Ms. Right but you’re still walking around with an inner signal that says “I’m not good enough,” or “I need you to make me whole,” or whatever it is you’re feeling about yourself, guess who you’re gonna attract? Mr. or Ms. Insecure, Mr. or Ms. Clingy, or insert [tendency you’ll be annoyed with within 30-60 days].

Again, it’s no different in business.

If you constantly have feelings of uncertainty or lack of conviction (doubts) about your work, and you attract another doubter, they simply magnify your doubts.

They magnify who you are BEING….

Did you know that there are lady PUA’s?

I know our conversation just took a left turn.

You’re thinking WTF is a PUA and where are you going with this?

Well a PUA is a pick-up artist which used to be a profession (yes, a profession) dominated by men.

But now there are women PUA’s.

And no, the ones I’m talking about are not the slimy, slithering types trying to help desperate women get laid or find cheap dates.

And no, it’s not about TRICKING or CHASING men…

Their intention is actually to help women get out more, meet people, increase their numbers and build a social life for themselves.

Now, I’m not telling you to get your dating advice from a Lady PUA but I did come across a few good tips.

And one of those really good tips is that when trying to get out there and pick up a man, “Remember you’re doing HIM a favor.”

Yea I know, I can hear some boo’s from the male peanut gallery but roll with me for a sec, ‘cause I think this is a great mindset.

They say that being proactive and making the first move is “an act of generosity,” and though putting yourself out there can feel scary, it’s totally worth it.

You’re saying to your ideal men, “You’re welcome, I’m kind of amazing and you’re probably gonna want me in your life.”

Confidence looks good on anybody, and a calm self-assurance is very sexy.

I mean, you should think you’re amazing, cause you are (said again at the risk of sounding totally cliché… but someone’s gotta believe in you and it might as well be you!)

And this totally relates to your marketing and sales.

I always like to say that “selling is not something you do TO a person, it’s something you do FOR them.”

When you market or sell (to your ideal clients), you’re saying, “You’re welcome, I’ve got something amazing to share that could change your life and you’re probably gonna want to work with me on this.”

And no, I’m not saying you should be some narcissistic, conceited, jackhole… but you should be confident in what you have to offer and in who you are.

Again, a calm SELF-assurance is very sexy.

And at the end of the day, when you really remember who you are… beyond this flesh and blood body you’re living in, then it makes that confidence even more right and natural.

You show up differently…

That is where your power comes from… WITHIN (whatever you believe that connection is… God, the Universe, Spirit, Love, Sex Magic…. Insert whatever works)

So, do you want to be irresistibly attractive to your ideal clients and become seen, heard, remembered, hired and referred?

Then, you have to have a simple strategy for discovering what is unique and special about you, your unique message, your brilliance… And then, you have to have a simple plan, and a strategy that is a natural fit for you to share that message.

Cause there is no better marketing than a woman who loves who she is, and is truly excited about the work she is doing in the world, but who has simple strategies & tools in her arsenal and knows the right time to lean in for the KISS (sale).

And oh, did I mention…

You’re welcome, I’m kind of amazing, and I have something to share with you that could change your life, and you’re probably gonna want to work with me on this.

Let’s talk about it… <<<