The Fear that Almost Ruined Will Smith’s Day

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After a couple of drinks with some friends, Will Smith and his com-padres thought it sounded like a good idea to go skydiving.

The night before the big jump, Will is laying in bed continuously awakened by his fear of this upcoming event.

His sleep is continuously disrupted because he keeps imagining over and over again actually jumping out of an airplane, and he can’t figure out why the hell he would do this.

He wakes up the next day and goes to the jump site to meet his friends, and his stomach is jacked up, he can’t eat and he’s pretty scared but he doesn’t want to be the only “punk” who doesn’t jump out of the airplane.

So there he is it going up and up and up all the way to 14, 000 feet and someone opens the door of the plane, and he realizes he’s never been on a plane with the f*ing door open…

And with his toes on the edge of the open door as he looks down to death, they say “on three…”

One… Two… and they push him out on two so that he won’t try to grab and not jump… 

And he screams as they fall from the plane, and in one second he says, he realizes that it is the most blissful experience of his life.

He is flying…

“There’s zero fear…”

“It’s bliss…”

Will said that the lesson for him was thinking to himself “Why were you scared in your bed the night before?” “What do you need that fear for?” “Fear of what?” “You were nowhere near the airplane…” “Everything up to the stepping out, there’s actually no reason to be scared, it only ruins your day.”

On the other side of fear are all of the best things in life…

And it’s the same for you in your business.

Have you found yourself always worrying about whether they’ll like your blog post, or your FB live, or whether you’re creating the right talk they wanna hear, or creating the right freebie offer…
Or you’re scared to hit send on that email with your offer in it, or you start amazing projects but you find yourself always procrastinating and second guessing because what if it’s the wrong thing to offer…

What if you put all this effort in and nobody wants it.

And you look around at what everyone else is doing and you realize you could do this marketing thing a million different ways, and you think about how wonderful it would be if you did it this way, and then you sleep on it and realize you could do it THIS way…

But you DON’T totally implement anything because…

You’re stuck…

Stuck in fear…

“Why are you scared?”

“What do you need that fear for?”

“Fear of what?”

Fear that the world is evil, and people won’t like you and they’ll laugh at you, and call you out as a fraud, or it’ll all be a big waste of time or you won’t make any money or….

Everything up to the stepping out…. [Pressing send on that email, finishing that project, writing that post, sharing that Live Feed, making that offer] there’s actually no reason to be scared.

There is no one actually there taunting you, or rejecting you or judging you.

They’re all just images you’re holding in your own mind, and thoughts you’re projecting.

I remember being here… I know that feeling…

And it’s draining and debilitating on the body, mind and spirit.

Let’s clean this up…

Cause I promise you… the struggle is NOT real, it’s OPTIONAL…

Let’s talk cleaning up your energy and getting your marketing in order.

Let me set you off with exactly what to do, i.e., the outer steps AND help you clean up, reframe and get past what’s going on in your mind and in your energy that’s causing you to attract the results you keep getting.

Let’s clean up Your State, Your Story & Your Strategy.

It’s my “3S Alignment Breakthrough Session.”

We want to align your state, story & your strategy for maximum impact now.

Then all you need to do from that place is IMPLEMENT!

The investment is only $197 for 75 minutes of my expertise, energy & intuition.

So if you’re ready to stop wasting so much time & energy trying to MAKE things work, CLICK HERE TO SEND ME AN EMAIL, and let me know you’re super frickin’ serious about letting the struggle be OPTIONAL, and you’re open to getting’ shiz done on the inner & outer steps.

This is by application only because I want to make sure it’s a fit.

I only work with peeps I vibe with and that I’m sure I can help.

Once I get your email back, you’ll receive some questions within 24hrs for you to answer to let me know if it FEELS right for us to move forward.

It’s at a no-brainer price so I wouldn’t waste your time in any of those fear thoughts & projections that keep you from moving forward.

Feel into your intuition and ACT!

And to be completely practical, getting only ONE client would easily recoup this investment. ONE!

There’s nothing to lose…

Except the struggle…


Everything you want is on the other side of fear…

Talk to you soon,

JeeJee xoxo

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want” ~Abraham-Hicks

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