Clients will buy when they’re ready. Here’s why…

Old school sales teaches that you should, ABC… [Always Be Closing].

And yes even today there’s sales training’s for folks like us that say… [Always Be Selling].

I get it, but that’s not how we operate around here.

Sure in business, confidence comes from a mastery and appreciation of the selling process, but you don’t ever have to “close” a client. 

You simply need be able to inspire her into action.

Is your heartwork about “getting clients” and treating them like another notch on a man’s bedpost (so to speak), rather a person?

I doubt it… No one intends to be that “guy.”

Clients will buy when they’re ready. 

And it’s ok to get them ready & woo them with your marketing, your message and your conversation, and to give them direction on what the action steps (or possibilities)

And it’s ok to inspire and influence them; but be done with trying to “close” them.

Instead of “closing,” inspire people into action.

Inspire literally means “In Spirit…”

Inspiration is spirit-driven, it’s a force that takes hold of us…

You’ve been there…

How does it feel to think “I’m going to inspire this person into action today, as opposed to I’m going to “get” this client today?”

You can feel the difference.

When you inspire clients, they will take action more quickly, they’ll tell their peeps about you, and you’ll make more money.

And who are you BEING when you are inspiring people?

You’re being your BEST SELF NOW… your real, authentic, bad-ass, genius self.

When you truly understand sales and you have a predictable process that let’s you be your best self, you’ll know what true artists appreciate when they create a work of art.

Your work of art is helping your clients visions and desires become a reality. 

You want that… Yes?

To be an Inspirer who makes great money? Yes?

Inspire & Influence Sales Summer School for Coaches is about to launch…

You want in… Yes…

I got you…

Stay Tuned…

JeeJee xoxo