10 Common (Monkey Mind) Excuses Keeping You From Getting Paid Clients (1-3)


Ok… so we’ve established that you’re brilliant, talented, and have life experience that makes you a unique asset to others.

We know you can coach, teach, mentor or help others heal with what you know right now, but something is stopping you from making an offer, or your offer is falling flat, or insert reason here: [x].

It’s likely there’s a part of you that wants clients and a part of you that doesn’t.

There’s all kinds of fears, false notions and old beliefs likely getting in the way.

It seems like there’s this knock-down, drag out fight you’re having with your Monkey Mind and it’s getting in the way of having paying clients to serve.

So if this sounds like you, keep reading because in this series I’m going to help you solve this problem today.

Excuse #1

People can do this on their own

You’ve no doubt heard the old saying, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free,” right?

When your growing your coaching business there’s a common Monkey Mind thought that goes “Why would people hire me when they could just get this information for free?”

While it’s true that someone could just hop on “Google” or “YouTube” to learn about virtually anything they want (and trust me I certainly have) in most instances it’s just not enough.

A good coach, teacher or mentor like you does more than just provide information.

You’re more than just an accountability buddy and a motivator.

You help people break the self-sabotage cycle (you know, the cycle you’re quite familiar with yourself).

You help people overcome limiting beliefs that break though the barriers that are holding them back.

You help people get back on track when they hit a wall and feel like giving up.

You’re aware of the value of coaching and mentoring, but if you can’t “see” that value for yourself you’ll keep worrying that others won’t see it and won’t hire you either.

People are busier than ever these days and though they can pop right over to Google or YouTube, if they had someone (and by someone I mean you!) offering them a way to help them get results quicker and easier than they’ve been able to alone, they would totally allocate the resources to get started.

This segues right into excuse #2.

Excuse #2

Can I really get them the results I promise?

A lot of coaches & mentors fear this one, especially newbies. You worry about speaking to results for fear that you may not actually be able to help clients get any results.

The question to ask yourself is “Why am I taking on the responsibility of doing the WORK for my clients?

Yes, why are you?

No one can really “promise” results.

It’s your job to facilitate transformation. Got it. FACILITATE…

It’s their job to show up and GET the transformation by actually DOING the work.

Now if this is a case where you’re just not confident with yourself as a coach, teacher, mentor or healer, then get the training you need or hire a coach yourself to show you how to do what you do better.

Need help uncovering the transformation you provide? I got you.

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Excuse #3

My audience doesn’t have any money

You’re telling me that as an actual fact?

Really… you know that to be the absolute truth?

And… you’re sure about this?

Granted some will be more apt to hire you than others but we don’t want to assume the primary reason is “money.” There’s a question I’d ask you to consider beyond whether these people can afford you and that is “Is this audience the right fit for who I am?” Well talk about that next time.

Now, if you’ve followed me or listened to me for any length of time you’ll know that I stand behind the knowing that you ALWAYS get what you TRULY expect.

Assuming that someone can’t afford you is the fastest way to ensure you never have “Paying” clients.

Clients can’t beat a path to your door if you’re blocking them subconsciously.

When you’re assuming what someone can and cannot do you’re projecting your own money stuff.

That’s about you, not them.

See, when someone wants a solution to a challenge bad enough, you’ll be amazed at how they come up with the money for what they want.

If you’ve seen the kind of people in your audience being served by other coaches successfully you’d better believe that “they” can afford it.

Now if they don’t see the value in working with you that’s a problem I can help with. It’s a problem I love helping with.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • To really know the value of what you do for someone and it’s far reaching effects
  • How to confidently have transformational conversations that uses the client’s own inner guidance to help them see that you’re the solution to their problem
  • What to do to end that conversation with a paying client

Want to get past these fears and false notions fo’ real, fo’ real?

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