You Already Have a Success Story No One Else Has


You already have a success story that no one else has.

Your success story is all about you and your journey.

There isn’t anything that you’ve gone through that can’t be used to attract clients.

Who you are and what you’ve experienced is YOUR success!

If that’s hard to believe you might want to explore the question “What am I believing about myself that says I haven’t been successful?”

With every single client I’ve ever worked with, it has never been true that they haven’t had a success story.

Most likely your success story has to do with transforming a serious struggle in your health, relationships, business or in life that caused you to change course and do what you do now to help people with the same challenges.

How do you use your success story?

You will use your success story to create connection and powerfully communicate.

A. Create connection: People aren’t buying what you do or your process, they’re buying a relationship with someone they can trust first, and then their buying a solution to their problem, second.

B. Powerfully communicate: Your success story is the most direct way to communicate with your ideal client because it communicates that a) you understand where they are, and b) you know it can be different because you’ve done it. 

This is more powerful than any “certification” or “degree” you could have behind your name. I promise you that!

Remember you are your target market. You are your ideal client.

You are simply another version of them. You are one big step ahead of them.

The vision that many of your clients have for themselves is often the same vision that you have for yourself.

The gap in their beliefs and actions that needs to be transformed will often be the same or really similar to the gap you have likely experienced or struggled with, or, even more likely, one that you have experienced and transformed yourself.

It’s something I love helping my clients uncover because it makes their marketing so much easier and it brings out the authenticity, passion and value of who they are and what they have to offer.

So there’s no need for competition.

There’s no need for comparison with other people who do what you do. They don’t have YOUR story.

They don’t have your exact unique experiences you’ve had.

Sure the stories sound similar [that’s what connects], but lived through your eyes and your perception it’s a story no one else has.

So tell that story instead of feeling like you need to try to convince, or persuade people on who you are and what you do.

You are enough, you’ve been enough.

Find your life story, so you can discover the real transformation you deliver.

Need help? Email me at info@profitabledisplaysofaffection.com and let’s see if it’s a fit to chat.

JeeJee xoxo

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