Go Upstairs


Real talk…
Everyday ain’t about business as usual…
This morning I woke up wanting to feel good, so I could enjoy my day as I chose and market from a good space, but I couldn’t muster it.
I felt anxious, and I had a headache.
I tried to listen to uplifting music, and tried to dance, but nothing…
I tried to work out… couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not even some simple yoga.
I decided I had to go outside and take a walk and be in nature.
I took my headphones and decided to get some spiritual food from a YouTube video.
I listened to someone I don’t usually listen to.
I listened to his words, and I felt them. But my headache still wouldn’t lift.
I continued to listen, and I focused on the beauty of my neighborhood and the gorgeous fall colors and fresh cut grass, and the perfect weather.
And then it hit me… I knew straight away what was wrong. I was DOWNSTAIRS.
I was downstairs with my old self.
That little girl who is still worried about the other shoe dropping, and who is afraid of the future. I’ve heard it called the “minus” self.
My minus self and my plus self were fighting for position in my body, mind and spirit.
My plus self has grown too big to be trying to squeeze on the coach downstairs with my minus self.
And she’s tired of fighting for my mind, body and spirit.
So I went UPSTAIRS with her on this walk.
I let my big self have her way with me UPSTAIRS (kinky I know). 😉
Now usually when I’m on a walk, people may say hi or wave or not speak, but TODAY the minute I “went upstairs” I was almost shocked by how my circumstances reflected me.
I was just gonna smile and pass people, but EVERYONE went out of their way to wave, to say hi, and to give me big ass kool aid smiles, like they knew I had gone upstairs and were acknowledging it.
People way across the street on their porches waved at me and yelled hi.
I probably looked a little crazy, cause I walked the rest of the way with a kool-aid smile on my face. My headache released. My anxiety left.
I didn’t want to go back home. I just wanted to keep walking and soaking up all this love and confirmation for being UPSTAIRS.
But that damn bladder of mine said we had to go to the loo, so I slowly walked back home.
Yes, when you’re smiling (inside), YOUR whole world smiles with you.
When a high vibration matters more than the circumstances, you’ll know you’re upstairs.
And when you’re upstairs the right words will flow for the right ears to receive, the ideas will come, you won’t worry about what others think, you will realize you could be a miracle for someone today by putting yourself out there, and standing in the confidence of the BIG you UPSTAIRS.
See I may not know what the future holds but I know WHAT holds the future.
The Infinite Presence of God/Source/the Divine/the infinite presence of farts (I don’t care what you believe in). I just know there’s a presence and it’s everywhere (in and through me/we/us), and all my needs are met NOW, not in the future, NOW, and I live from that place UPSTAIRS.
I’m living in the Queendom… UPSTAIRS.
You comin’?