Charging What You’re Worth for THEM

raise standards-pdaHere’s my recommendation for why you should get comfortable with charging the RIGHT prices for your services. Which, when I talk to clients is usually a little more than their actually comfortable asking for.

I’m now a staunch believer that raising your prices is actually a gift you give yourself and your clients.

Ok, hear me out (while you’re cringing, thinking you’re hearing from Greedy Gertrude over here).

And let me be clear, this is not about slapping a high price tag on something. But… the people who usually gravitate to me are usually talented, gifted, sophisticated learners and achievers with awesome value to give who almost always deserve more than they’re charging.

So here’s the thing…

When you’re hardly making anything or you’re burned out from too many clients paying you low fees, it’s easy to end up aggravated, and resentful of your clients.

Even with the best intentions we can be annoyed with our clients when we feel pressure.

But when you charge more you GET to over deliver. And you GET to over deliver without feeling burned out and frickin’ exhausted. 

You GET to over deliver because you WANT to. As opposed to all the over delivering you’ve been doing (I used to be guilty too) at low fees.

And you’re not doing it from a place of feeling obligated.

So when the coaching call is going a little over time, you GET to spend that extra couple of minutes going deeper with your clients.

You GET to respond to their messages after your “work” hours. 

You GET to give them the homework and done for you goodies that shorten their learning curve without feeling like you’re giving away all your precious treasures at low fees. Stuff that seems simple to them, but that you’ve worked hard on.

And you GET to do it all without aggravation, resentment, or feelings of obligation.

So, if you take on fewer clients and charge appropriate fees (FOR THEM)… A. you do your best work and B. you’re not stressed out over time, money, lack of energy or where your next client is coming from.

So now that you know it’s really a gift to you and them to charge the RIGHT prices for your services, how do you get your ideal clients to feel safe investing with you?

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