Newsflash: Rejection Doesn’t Exist

Flashy-Thingy-Will-Smith-pdaWhat happens when we fear rejection, assume it could happen, or get discouraged and bummed out when it does happen?

There’s a tendency to unconsciously start avoiding getting into situations or taking actions at all.

You don’t move forward, your purpose goes out the window, you’re creating busy work for yourself, like answering emails and distracting yourself for long hours on social media. You’re scared and I get it.

But just because someone turns you down, or someone might turn you down, it doesn’t mean you’re not an amazing person.

See, you don’t have to get discouraged or feel like poop, because rejection doesn’t actually exist.

Here’s the reframe: It’s not the actual situation that’s making you suffer, it’s your OWN THOUGHTS!

See rejection exists nowhere, EXCEPT in your own mind.

What changed before and after you were “rejected?” Nothing! But your monkey mind wants to make a big deal out of it…

Just imagine for a moment that you had a (Neuralyzer), the “Flashy Thingy” from the Will Smith movie Men In Black, and every time you got “rejected,” you could Flashy Thingy yourself and have no recollection of it. (I know… you wish this was a real thing! Especially because of that guy you were gaga over who told you he wasn’t ready for a relationship.) 😉

[Side note: Turns out scientists did invent something like it in real life, but only tested it on genetically altered mice, in which it seemed to work. No tests on humans as of yet. I think I’ll pass either way.]

Back to my example… How would you feel after you’d been flashy thingy’d? You’d have no emotion about it. You wouldn’t be moved by it. You wouldn’t give “two doodoo’s and a donut” (I’m not sure where I got that pretty little euphemism from but I’ve been saying it for years).

In reality “rejection” doesn’t mean diddly squat.

Truth is rejection is a made up human emotion.

If you walk around fearing “rejection,” chances are you’ll bring what you fear to pass.

Question is… Would you rather work with an expert who is excited by you, or scared of you?

The key…

When you love yourself, when you respect yourself, when you listen, if you’re present, and you enjoy other people and want to connect with them authentically and honestly, you’re going to create attraction, ESPECIALLY if you also have a solution to their problem. 

The quality of your life comes down to two things… the quality of your communication with the world inside of you, and the qualify of your communication with the world outside of you, and the first ONE is the MOST important.

Of course we do want to lessen the chances of being turned down, by making sure we show up with value, confidence, and selling something they actually want. 

And beyond that how do we take people (our Mr. or Ms. Right Clients) who genuinely want to work with us, and get them to say YES?

The “Make It Safe to Invest” Masterclass is happening this Tuesday, November 7th. Get the det’s here and join us: http://bit.ly/2hsxsic

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