The ONE Marketing Strategy that Trumps Everything Else You’re Doing

strategy-marketingThe road to clients doesn’t start with what marketing vehicles (webinars, live streams, blogging, etc.) you use. It doesn’t matter which platform you use either (FB, Instagram, LinkIn, etc).

The ONE marketing strategy you need to be focusing on, is positioning yourself as the AUTHORITY.

And no, I don’t mean the know-it-all bow down to me type, or the one who just shares content and information all day. Of course it’s gotta be deeper than that, otherwise they’ll just see you as the likeable advisor, that they’re never gonna buy shit from. 

Being able to position yourself as the AUTHORITY, means that all of your marketing addresses this one question, “WHY YOU?” 

If you want them to pick you no matter what you charge, you must be the AUTHORITY.


Owns her voice and markets from that space naturally.

Sells shit she actually loves, is good at, and is MEANT to do in the world.

Designs her programs to help her clients get results. 

Works exclusively with her SOUL CLIENTS ONLY! This is the key to results.

Oh, and (probably the most important part) she raises her consciousness to that one of who assumes the throne of AUTHORITY. 

This is probably the kicker for most. Because as you raise your consciousness and get into the full power of you, your shits gonna come up to be transformed. It is law.

Maybe you’ve noticed. You take one step forward and life shows up to “seemingly” knock you two steps back.

And that’s why you’re constantly working on yourself, sending out seek and destroy missiles for your beliefs and trying every healing modality under the sun.

It’s time to stop all of that, and get your OUTER AUTHORITY in alignment with your INNER AUTHORITY.

And there’s a simpler, faster way to do it so you can command the money, the clients, the love and the freedom. <<<

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