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Clients See You As Energy

clients-see-you-as-energyI don’t know how many times I’ve walked onto the dance floor and men were clamoring to dance with me because of my ENERGY. They literally fight over me sometimes, when I go dancing (no exaggeration). [And before you throw up in your mouth cause you think I’m full of myself… LOL, I’m just illustrating a TRUE point].

No it’s not cause I dress well when I’m out or that I think I’m cute. I walk in with the ENERGY that attracts them. WITHOUT trying. It’s an inside job.

Sure I’m confident in my skill of dance, but that doesn’t matter. Again it’s my CHOSEN energy. My frequency. My vibe. My “I don’t give a fuck, I’m here to have fun, I’m in love with myself and what I’m about to do here, and I’m not attached to how I look, or who’s judging me or whether anyone else gets on this floor.” And that’s what attracts them like bees to honey.

SO… Your SOUL CLIENTS… are reading YOUR energy…

They don’t really give a damn what words you’re saying…
They don’t really give a damn how you’re saying the words or how you look while you’re saying them…
That’s almost meaningless to them (even though consciously they may not know it)

The secret key is in your “energy.” Of course a clear message, and speaking to the RIGHT people ONLY helps, but over 90% of this is about your ENERGY.

You are as attractive to clients as your inner energy is.

And many powerful women just like you have feelings of fear around being powerful, and confident and owning who they are on the dance floor of life and business.

They feel they have a good reason to be afraid.

They think clients will see them as greedy.
They think maybe they’ll fail again.
They think maybe they’ll be judged.
They think they’ll say the wrong thing or offer the wrong program.
They think people will see right through them, and call them a fraud.

But oh the freedom you have when you get into your ENERGY. Your CHOSEN energy. You are the CIRCUMSTANCE CREATOR and not the other way around.

So I won’t go on here. But I’ll leave this advice.

Put your energy into enjoyment, fun, love, enthusiasm, positive thinking and PLEASURE. Up your love vibration.

Take your energy away from fear, apprehension, distrust, guilt, shame, grief, confusion or pain. And how do you do that?

I know, it sounds simple, but it ain’t easy.

You must dissolve those lower energies if you want to truly call in the clients, love, freedom, money and joy you want in your life.

You want to command the room. You want them to fight over you. You want to feel completely safe and comfortable in your own skin in front of them. You want to be the beam of light they can’t resist and they don’t know why.

I’m not a “look at me” type of girl. I know people look when they watch me, and I don’t care if they aren’t looking. I will still dance.

But I am a “come with me” type of girl. And anyone who wants to have fun, I beckon them onto the dance floor, cause life is for living, not sitting on the damn sideline.

No one can put you in the game, but you.

Come with me… 

JeeJee xoxo

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