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Being “yourself” may be your biggest obstacle


take-2-becomeYou hear it all the time… be yourself, be authentic, share your stories, be raw and real, “just show up…”

And yes, I’ve absolutely said that myself because that was something I needed to do for myself, but that was just scratching the surface. 

Problem is even after all of that, you’ll still find that being yourself is probably one of the biggest obstacles to your success. 

Your current “perceived” self as you know her comes with a lot of triggers, and old beliefs and habits and patterns that sabotage you left and right, because this “you” is constantly trying to escape the pain of what you don’t want. 

You’re not playing to win, you’re playing NOT to lose.

Your biggest obstacle is your perception of yourself

You can’t achieve your dreams “as yourself,” have you noticed?

You MUST become a new character, period.

“If you create the game, then you create the rules.” -India Arie

Who you perceive yourself to be right now is NEVER set in stone.

In fact, you have a clean slate everyday to BE someone else (your desired self, i.e., who you want to BE).

You MUST create a new identity for yourself.

You see this made manifest when actors completely embody the character they portray in a movie. They completely give themselves over to that “new” character.

They live that character. They ooze that characters behaviors, actions, physiology and mental processes. The greatest actors literally take on a new identity.


It’s beyond acting “as if…” It is “BE”ing.

And yet when they’re making the movie, of course they mess up and get the lines wrong, and have to do take after take after take, but they’re right back in there to bring to life a character you believe in. A character you believe is real.

You wouldn’t watch movies otherwise, would you?

If they couldn’t pull you into the story and BE real for you, as that character you wouldn’t waste your money or your time.

So if you want clients to invest their money or time with you, you must DESIGN the new woman you want to be, who can do the things you want to do with ease, and grow into that character. The character who is confident, feels worthy, has a success track record, easily talks to people, etc. 

You must embody her mindset, her behaviors, her thought processes, her intuition, how she would show up, how she would live, and what actions she would take. [Her consciousness…]

Yes you’ll need to do take after take after take until you ooze her character, but if you’ll decide each day that you’ll practice your skill of be-coming, you will become the character who achieves her goals with much more ease.

She is already there within you. 

This is alchemy.

If you look up the definition of alchemy, it literally means “a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.” 

Ghandi said BE the change. And as cliche as that might seem, it is a MUST.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still need the outer stuff. You must know what you specialize in, and have an offer that connects, know how to attract clients and have a process to convert the clients you’re meant to serve into paying clients.

But the “how to’s…” that’s the easy part…

Designing the NEW you, who serves the hell outta those outstanding clients and is paid well to do it… well… maybe not so much…

We can talk about it…  I’m right here to help 

Time to play the game to win…

JeeJee xoxo




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