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Here’s where finding your “Why” is all wrong…

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If you’re anything like the women I attract or talk to every week, you’ve probably invested in mentors and programs and sucked up all the freebies and webinars.

You’re probably highly skilled at what you do, and/or have certifications & degrees.

And every investment you’ve made so far that didn’t get you the results you were hoping for, I can say with certainty, that it’s not because you’re not smart enough, or don’t know enough, or don’t have enough confidence, or don’t work hard enough, or that you’re not spiritual enough… [insert B.S. reason here]

It’s none of those things, because I know for sure that you’re pretty amazing.

You’re not getting results because everything you’ve been investing in has mainly been to try to prove yourself. To show your family you can do it, to give a big “fuck you” to your job, to prove that you’re a great provider for your kids, or a fabulous biz owner to your hubby, or prove that you’re worthy to your parents, or to even look your own Self in the eye…

The question you seriously want to ask yourself right now is…

Did you invest in yourself for YOU, or did you do it for them? I had been doing it for THEM forever… (To the detriment of my health and well-being)

And I know all the gurus tell you to find your “WHY” and often your “why’s,” include the kids, the hubby, the release of the job, the money etc. (and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that) but we’ve got it all backwards.

See, you can’t call in your Soul Clients (the ones who are begging to work with you), if you think you “need” them or the money, to show the world that you’re worthy of it’s love.

No one completes you. That’s your f’in job.

If you don’t shift this you’ll just keep hustling, or teaching a bunch of B.S. that is not your Soul’s work, and you’ll keep punishing yourself (unconsciously) because you think you’ll never measure up no matter how much you succeed.

And you’ll keep doing that, just to make sure you don’t succeed in the way you really want to because… guess what… you’re not good enough just the way you are.

At least that’s what you project to the world unknowingly.

What if you didn’t need approval from one other person because you were madly in love with yourself, no matter how fabulous or terrible your results were?

What do you think would change?

You would become magnetically attractive and clients would be begging to work with you, your man would want to “do you” til’ the cops came knockin’ (or you’d call in your divine complement – the one wants to “do you” til the cops come knockin’), your kids would respect themselves and realize how lovable they are and your outer world would reflect your new inner light in ways you couldn’t imagine.

But I get it, you can’t change the game, because you’re old tired programming says you gotta play it safe or you won’t be loved, doing biz just how you’re doing it, and living life just how you’re living it. Selling information over transformation. Selling out your Soul for what you think will give you “security.”

It’s time to do what is right for YOU. You BE the WHY. Otherwise you’ll never have fun making money, enjoying your life, and changing lives the way you thought you would when you first started this coaching thing…

Now… what’s your “Why?”

JeeJee xoxo

Soul Client Matchmaker

Giving Your Need for Approval the Loving “Bitch Slap” it DeservesĀ 

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