The Myth about “Making” Things Happen

Stop-Making-it-happenA lot of people out here are just selling “skills.” And there’s nothing wrong with that, because certainly skill is important, but just selling “skill” will never truly have you make your mark on humanity, or create the income you truly want.

See when you get clear on who you are, why you are here, and what your calling/purpose/passion (Your Soul’s Blueprint) is, you’ll start to see what’s incongruent in your energy, in your psychology and in the way you show up in your message to the world.

Right now your energy is all mixed up, and because of this you’re mostly just trying to “make” things happen, (that’s that male energy and it’s cool), but you’re probably being reactive in your biz, instead of “creating” and “playing,” i.e., doing your Soul’s “work.”

You’re not carrying the message forward that’s truly in your heart and you’re not being paid enough for your gifts. And you probably have some shame and guilt there. And it’s ok. That can be dissolved.

But here’s the thing about “making” things happen…

See, when you listen to your favorite artists, the tracks that you resonate with the most aren’t the ones that they “made,” happen…

Cause we don’t “make” music happen. It’s the tracks that those artists made “welcome,” that you feel so deeply.

The music that came “through,” them. The music that was “In-Spired.”

My son creates songs/raps and the ones that sound the best are ALWAYS the ones he says, “mom I woke up at such and such crazy hour and this one just poured outta me and it’s that deal.”

Those are the songs I can FEEL even if I don’t love every lyric or hearing my child cuss all that much, but I can FEEL it and others do/will too.

This is that shift in mindset of what “Selling your Soul” really means.

We don’t make things happen. We set up the internal and external environment to welcome our souls desires.

What you’re here to teach,and your messaging needs to come from this place, not just tryna’ make things happen, but straight outta your heart and soul.

Of course you’ll use your head, but you’ll use it to “play this game, and be an example of how YOU play.” No cookie cutter. Just systems that allow you to get paid to coach, train and teach others to wake up to their own capacities and brilliance’s in the unique way that only you can do. Whether you break all the rules or not. You are a miracle for somebody…

So let’s put down your weapons of “making” stuff happen, and pick up some simpler tools to help you discover/uncover your Soul’s true message, spread that message, and be well compensated for the lessons you have to teach.

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-JeeJee ❤️