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Take the pressure off… Take the limits off… [Warning, explicit lyrics]

under-pressure-pdalifeShe looked at me like it was the dumbest thing she’d ever heard.

I was out in California, away from my then boyfriend whom I thought was the “one” (almost 9 years ago now) attending an intensive seminar for my first attempt at procuring a Masters degree in Psychology.

My new classmates and I were listening to a prolific speaker (“messenger” as I like to call him) teach us to tune into our dreams. During the process we were to go around, look each person in the eye and tell them what our contribution to the world would be.

I was feeling completely in my purpose/zone, having fun, in love, laughing, giggling, smiling, feeling free, and I got around to one of my would be professors and major players at the school I was attending.

There I was all shiny, joyful and full of myself as I looked her in her eye to tell her what my contribution to the world was…

“I help people take the pressure off,” I said… and she looked at me like it was the dumbest shit she’d ever heard…

She said nothing… she just looked at me… she didn’t say “that’s cool,” or even ask what I meant…

She just looked at me… and then she told me her contribution to the world and graciously moved on to the next person.

The look in her eyes was as if to say “that shit won’t change the world,” “it won’t cure any diseases,” “it won’t save the environment,” “it won’t feed any starving children…” “that’s just fuckin’ dumb…” (at least that was my projection of what I thought her glare meant at the time).

Cause what I “knew” of her was that… She was a spiritual, hard working “Aries” woman, who gave herself over to her cause(s)… doing “worthwhile” work in the world… not having “dumb ass dreams” like me…

And that day, I let her steal my joy. I let her piss on my mission. My calling wasn’t good enough. It was stupid and frivolous. And I despised her for it for years.

The tension was always seemingly there every time we interacted in person, even though I never said anything about that moment.

Of course as a transformational coach, and “spiritual” woman… my work was to see how that moment served me… forgive it, forgive her, forgive myself… and let it go.

But I didn’t do it for years, cause there was apparently a part of me that believed she might have been right.

Fast forward tho’… hell no, her lying eyes weren’t right… But she wasn’t to blame for how I felt. She was just a mirror for me to see my fears of sharing my voice and sharing my Soul’s message, lessons and teachings.

My most fervent gift IS… helping people take the fucking pressure off. Excuse my explicit language (I’m not for the faint of heart and I own that. And no I don’t always cuss, but I’m gettin’ something off my chest and outta my heart here, so bare with…)

They say we teach what we most need to learn.

If you want to teach peace, you must have peace, give peace and practice peace yourself.

If you want to teach love, you must have love, give love and practice being loving yourself.

And so on…

This isn’t to say, we’re on our P’s and Q’s every damn day, cause we’re not.

We give into fears, worry, anxiety, old triggers and the like, more times than we’d like to admit.

But has worry ever solved any of your problems? NEVER.

Has anxiety ever solved any of your problems? NEVER.

Has overwhelm ever solved any of your problems? NEVER.

Sure they may be motivators but at the end of that day if you keep the valve closed and hold the pressure in, what happens… The pressure gets to be too much and that hott ass air starts squeezing it’s way outta that valve and if you touch it… it’ll burn you. Won’t it?

I do believe we can live in a world with the pressure off.

Will you never feel pressure? Probably not ideally in this world. But we can get close.

And pressure isn’t all bad, (don’t get me wrong), cause massages and yummy pressure filled touches can feel real good, and sometimes deadlines make us show up and shine, but you know what kinda pressure I mean…

The kind that has you struggling to find your voice in the world.

The kind that has you afraid that you’ll say the wrong thing in your message, so instead you say cloned, canned words of your mentors or other people you admire in the industry.

The kind that has you being a good little girl, and never saying things to your clients or in your marketing your peeps need to hear to transform their struggles.

The kind that has you doing work that is not of your true transformative genius.

The kind that has you working in a business model that has you burned out, overwhelmed, and working your ass off for too little money.

The kind that has you turned off to your intuition.

The kind that has you feeling unworthy of feeling good on a regular basis.

The kind that has you worried about what every Tom, Dick and Hank (or Sue, Mary, and Felicia) may think of you.

The kind that has you auditioning for potential clients instead of inviting pursuit and calling them in…

The kind that has you overachieving to prove your worthiness and deservedness…

You know the kind…

Am I perfect at living with the pressure off? nahhhhhh… but it’s been a long time since I decided that I was made for the journey.

And though that day I’d thought she’d killed my mission, and deflated my sails… that other part of me (you know the one… the music that just won’t stop playing in you, that voice inside that just won’t stop egging you on, that bigger, wiser, part of you…) “She” said it was my mission, and my message, and I’ve been practicing for years. This ‘ish takes skill, and it’s one of the hardest skills to masters. But it’s the skill that most master teachers have told us works…

See, where others would lose their minds, I’m skilled at wobbling back to steadiness and stability.

Where others would consider giving up, I’m skilled at continuing with the mission (even if it starts to look different than I intended).

Where others don’t have the balls to go, I lend them my balls to go there… Ok no balls here… but I’m sayin’…

And if you want to just get super fuckin’ honest RIGHT NOW….

The real reason we step into “spirituality” or learning about “God,” or the Universe, or vibration or energy, or love… or even the reason we have addictions and habits that don’t serve us anymore… IS because you want to take the fucking pressure off, somehow! Be honest!

This world can seem like a crazy place… especially in your own head. And well…

You are tired of the pain.

You are tired of the struggle.

You are tired of the confusion.

You are tired of balancing all those glass plates in the air.

You are tired of feeling out of control.

You want the fucking pressure off!

Take the pressure off… you take the limits off…

Yea, yea I know… they say pressure creates diamonds, but pressure also bursts pipes.

So… my gift to you IS to help you take the pressure off…

If you want strategy sure I can help with that… but you’re probably not at a place where you need anymore strategy or information right now.  Or at the very least you need a strategy that’s uber simple. Low pressure.

But it’s this PRESSURE you need to get good at transforming, and if you coulda’ done it by yourself, you’d have done it by now.

Let me walk with you. It’s what I do. It’ll change your f’in life, I promise! Yes, this I PROMISE!

Let’s talk…


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