What if your true niche was your heart?


Yes I’ve said it and I’ve taught it, that you must get clear on who you want to serve, because knowing what you want helps create a clearer channel to those who are a match… But here’s the thing… all the niche, and client avatar exercises in the world won’t make those people hear you.

So when you think you’ve figured out who they are and you’re still hearing crickets it’s because of one simple thing… You’re trying to connect with the circumstances outside of you, versus WHAT YOU ARE.

I mean think about it…

🦅 Birds fly (it’s built in)… they don’t take a course for it…
🐠 Fish swim (it’s built in)
🌲 Trees grow (it’s built in)
🌸 Flowers bloom (it’s built in)
👸🏽 You (the gift you’re here to give… it’s built in)

Peach trees don’t ask… “what if the people want chicken sandwiches?” they just give peaches!

When you cut off who you are, you lose your truth.

But the real you… the one who stops resisting herSelf, can sell more of her work, can market more easily, can write messages that matter, can be more visible without fear, and can actually be happier and more at peace with herself.

You want this “Her” to expand yes? It feels good to do “work/play” that lights you up and creates breakthroughs for your clients, yes?

Well then, it’s time to sell your truth.❤️And I can help.

JeeJee xoxo 

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