Your Gifts are NOT for YOU…

Gifts hands

Even though you may publicly declare that you’re here to make a big difference in the world, deep down you’re still held back by 3 things. Your voice, visibility and validation.

You’re afraid to be heard. Afraid to be seen. And afraid to be judged.

And I won’t lie, sometimes I still am too.

But I honor those fears and set them aside, because the real reason we share our gifts has a far greater purpose.

See, your gifts… whether you’re aware of what they really are or not, are NOT FOR YOU.

They are for others.

Duh, right? That’s why they’re called gifts.

But here’s the thing…

It takes ENGAGEMENT with others to BRING YOUR GIFTS FORTH FROM YOU, because alone you cannot gain access to them. 

They are like hidden treasures within you, that other people hold the key to.

And likewise, you hold the key for other  people’s treasures, because without you they cannot find themselves alone.

This life is built on relationships.

It takes relationship to provide the motivation for you to give.
It takes relationship to provide the inspiration for you to give.
It takes relationship to enable you to see that you have a gift to give.

Your work in the world is in two arenas… One is the transformation of your experience of YOURSELF and your RELATIONSHIPS, and the other is in the rendering of your specific contribution to the world.

Without the first, the second will not come to pass.

Certainly you can head to google and YouTube to figure out how to craft a great message, or how to make an idea spread, but education and information is not meant to pour knowledge into you, it’s meant to draw wisdom out of you.

That is the “education” I seek to provide you. Grab my meaningful message 5 day course here.

JeeJee xoxo

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