How I got my very first clients…


How’d I get my very first clients you ask?

Here’s the 411.

There I was lying in bed the night before and as I fell off to sleep I said to myself as I had been known to say when I wanted guidance… “tonight I will dream and if there is anything significant I will remember it when I awaken.”

Upon waking the next day, a random thought swirled around in my head of a non-denominational church I had been attending on and off.

I knew this thought wasn’t “mine,” so I moved on the impulse. 

I knew that they offered spiritual courses at the church each year and were looking for teachers, I called up and inquired about teaching a course. (Mind you, this same church had turned me down previously for a similar request).

This was no small church, yet I was patched directly through to the minister’s wife who ran the church with him.

It was as if she’d been waiting for me to call. She told me to come in so that we could talk.

I pitched my idea for the course and she loved it. It was on spiritual selling.

She then said that she was letting all the teachers get up on stage and promote their courses in front of the whole audience the next Sunday. This is hundreds of people mind you.

We’d then be able to meet and greet with people out in the lobby after service.

Sunday came and the speaker that day was phenomenal. She spoke about “Getting Out of Your Own Personal Hell.” Her talk was funny and transformative.

Her title for the talk couldn’t have been more perfect if I’d planned it myself.

After her talk we were ushered up on stage to give our 60 second “elevator pitch.”

My turn rolled around… I said my name, told them I was teaching spiritual selling and said that I wanted to help them “Get Out of Their Own Personal Sell Hell!

The audience cracked up.

Afterwards people lined up at my table.

I’d made up a flyer for my course.

I hadn’t expected that so many people from such diverse industries would want to talk to me.

The first to line up was a real estate agent. I was still a little wet behind the ears in talking to people.

They didn’t know what the hell it meant to be a “spiritual entrepreneur,” even though we were in a spiritual place talking business, it wasn’t resonating.

These people were “practical.”

But as I talked to more of them I started to settle into the words that resonated with them.

They joined my email list, but no one seemed interested in the course so much.

I had not yet figured out how to write the kind of copy that would speak to them.

BUT that didn’t stop anything. That same night a local female biz owner emailed me, scheduled a discovery session and hired me the next week. She got it…

Two days after the woman had contacted me, a well known financial advisor from the church asked me out to lunch to talk business and collaborate. We’d talk once a week in his office or at a restaurant.  We could never quite find the sweet spot in serving each other.

BUT less than a month later he calls me up and says, “one of the speakers for our big financial group has dropped out and we need a speaker to fill their place, could you give your talk on getting out of Sell Hell?”

Holy shittake… Lil’ ol me?

“Out of the blue” I’m furnished an entire audience by one single inspirational move.

I talked to that audience two weeks later.

It was a teleconference. It was one of the hottest days of the year and I didn’t think to turn on the air conditioning before I hopped on this call to give my talk.

So there I was on the line with all these people, sweating up a storm giving my talk. And during the talk my reception was terrible. I literally had to go sit on my stairs and give the talk.

I didn’t even get through my whole talk because we had so many technical difficulties, but people stayed on the line.

I was then asked to take questions. I even stumbled on answering questions a little bit, but it didn’t matter, people were intrigued by the concept of spiritual selling. It was a new possibility and they wanted to know more.

I shared my “Get out of Sell Hell” offer and gained my next client the next day.

And another one week after. And so it went…

I was even asked to speak again to this financial group a few months later which I graciously declined because I had moved on to another niche that felt more aligned.

I tell this story to say three things…

  1. Listen to your intuition and follow your guidance
  2. You can fumble around and seemingly screw up royally and still get clients
  3. Speaking is one of the best ways to gain clients whether you’re speaking online or off.

JeeJee xoxo

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