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What happened when I announced I was starting BlackWomenCoach…

When I announced that I was starting BlackWomenCoach I got a lot of positive feedback. Women in general & black female coaches were excited to hear about this.

Besides them acknowledging that we’ve bought into a lot of lies about ourselves as a culture, they also said that in the back of many black women’s minds, this coaching thing seemed like a “white woman’s industry.”

I had to admit that when I started in this industry I subconsciously bought into it too, and it followed me over the years.

In fact at the very first high level training that I’d traveled for and invested in,  a well known successful white female coach in the industry said DO NOT serve underrepresented populations…. ie., don’t work with people who can’t pay.

I understood that, and it made sense, but it messed with me. In my mind a part of me heard “don’t work with black people.” Now of course over my life as a coach I’ve worked with black women, but they were certainly few and far between. It didn’t seem at the time that coaching was something black women were up to.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with clientele from many cultures, whether they were blue, black, brown, white, yellow, red… Errrbody…

But there was definitely a difference with black women. (Not that they were the only people who did this…) but they seemed to always want discounts, hookups, bartering, etc.

Kicker was… not only was it NOT a fact that they couldn’t afford to pay me what I really wanted to earn, it wasn’t their fault they asked for discounts… it was completely in my energy. It was completely in my belief system that they couldn’t afford me. I called it all in. I accepted it. It reflected exactly what I believed about myself and my worth. And besides, who the hell was I to charge that kind of money anyway, right?

And it didn’t matter how much marketing, sales systems or training’s I attended, it didn’t help. I was hella well studied, and had every tool I could possibly need to be a success, but I couldn’t get past the hidden roots that held me back.

I’d even worked with a black male or two and they wanted the same. Discounts and bartering.

In fact even though some of them had held high positions and made good money in their jobs they too could not bring themselves to charge higher fees for their work or pick a niche because they didn’t want to leave anyone out either. Bleeding hearts all over the place…

In fact there was one white male who scheduled a session and wanted the same thing… (so it’s not just black and white in regards to self worth, that’s a worldwide epidemic, but I digress).

I get it but it’s not helpful when you want to create good income and make a real difference in the world.


I’ve faced it. It wasn’t easy, and no, I’m not done facing everything… (the onion has more layers to peel) but I’ve been changed. Today, the fees I ask for I get. Whether they’re “high enough” or not at this point doesn’t matter… I still get what I ask for… There’s always room for expansion and I’m along for the ride up the high road.

Bartering, discounting, hookups… nah… I know what I’m selling.  and it’s not $7 ebooks, and one off sessions… I’m selling transformation.

BlackWomenCoach is about transformation. It’ about learning to truly act as a catalyst to your client’s innate genius, wisdom and creativity so they can bring their best self to any problem, challenge or project AND for you to be well paid for your gifts without GUILT or SHAME.

So what was the ONE thing people are curious to see in the unfoldment of BlackWomenCoach? 


It is my deepest intention and mission to help us do so. It is my intent to be a catalyst to break old patterns, old cycles, old ancestral wounds and heal ourselves at the deepest levels so that we can experience the economic empowerment we so rightly deserve and create positions of leadership for ourselves and our communities.

I am also going to the mat for those of us who call ourselves “coaches” to be DAMN GOOD at being coaches. We want our clients to get results, and we want to feel joyfully confident that we can usher in change for people, without feeling burdened and over-responsible.

So BlackWomenCoach is coming soon, starting with a new community for forward-thinking, high vibe, fun, ambitious black women who want to transform lives and stop learning without earning.

Stay tuned,

JeeJee xoxo


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