There’s a lot of talk about authenticity in the “expert industry,” and yet businesses are starting to sound and look like they’ve come straight off assembly lines. Same components, same words, same old programs…

And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that… until there is…

Imitation makes us feel safe. Most of us were brought up to fit in and not stand out.

The problem… it kills our creativity. It kills our innate genius. It kills our true connection with our Divine tribe.

Every time we imitate we deny ourselves the privilege of our own truth, of our own originality.

We think that if we imitate someone else’s messages, programs, etc (that seems to be working for them) that we’ll get what we want (clients, money, recognition) and experience less push back, rejection, embarrassment, judgment, failure etc.

But it doesn’t work that way. Believe me I know.

I WAS QUEEN IMITATOR. I imitated my coaches, and other experts messages.

And you know what happened with my first few clients? THEY DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE F&$K I WAS TALKING ABOUT. I had to reteach the curriculum I had been trained in as a coach that I was sharing, because my clients were confused and overwhelmed!

It was good stuff that I had learned, and I appreciated the guidelines, but I hadn’t made it “mine!”

The language and ways of operating I’d learned from my coach didn’t quite resonate with my people because I was simply regurgitating information.

The silver lining in that is that along the way, I imitated less and less and I found ways to make what I was taught mine (just like dance steps… get the basics, practice and make them yours).

I’m a dancer. I’ve studied many genres of dance over my lifetime, ballet, jazz, african, modern, tap, etc. I currently really enjoy ballroom, salsa dancing, and a few other styles, and if you watch me dance there are signature moves that ONLY I make. They’re “JeeJee moves.” They might be small, but they stand out and they’re distinct from anyone else’s.

I don’t dance to show off, or entertain, although I’m sure I’m entertaining, but I do it because it’s just in my spirit, it’s what I love. The music comes on and I’m drawn to the dance floor.

People come up to me all the time and tell me they love watching me. Men ask to dance with me all the time… but I PROMISE you I’d do it in a crowded room, even if NO one else was watching… all by my damn self. Ask anyone who knows me well. Dance… it’s my jam. I think I came outta the womb dancing, lol…

I’m far from the greatest dancer in the world and I can always improve, but I honor my own genius in the area. Even just talking about it right now excites the hell out me and makes we want to get my gig on.

What in your life lights you up in this way?

This is the spirit you want to bring to your message and your work in the world. Certainly learn the basics, get mentorship… but work with someone who guides you to making your work YOUR OWN. Who will help call out the genius already in YOU. No cookie cutter.

You’re here to be a creator not an imitator.

There’s an expiration date on those who hide behind their programs & information. There’s an expiration date on logical, practical… same ol,’ same ol’ imitation programs and services.

The information age is DEAD, your people want transformation, and they can’t get that if you don’t own who you are and follow what calls you. You’ll never stand out standing in anyone else’s shadow.

You must position yourself beyond what you offer.

How do you do that?

You do that, by positioning yourself around your genius (your unique dance moves) and your bigger vision rather than just picking a niche and sharing your skills.

You must distill your expertise into a message, value or transformation that lives on and survives through any program, book, speech or service you may offer.

This requires you to understand what greater purpose you stand for?

Ask yourself…

Are you known for your programs, products or services or are you known for who you are?

Are you a CREATOR?

Being a creator, and sharing your message, and your genius makes you infinitely more captivating, magnetic, fascinating, and expiration proof…

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JeeJee xoxo