Unlimited Business Coaching with JeeJee. Epic!

unlimitedHey love. It’s JeeJee! No I didn’t wake up this morning having lost my mind although there are those “special” occasions when it feels like it. And lord I gotta stop reading these news headlines!

Let me be serious for one second… The world kinda needs you right now. Now I’m not saying that we’re here to save the world, cause that’s not necessary or accomplishable… But it absolutely needs more “light workers” in this world now more than ever! It’s looking dark these days.

Now, since the holiday season is upon us, I could think of no greater gift than what I’m about to share with you right now.

I’m seriously excited to share this new coaching program with you.

If you’ve been continually struggling with creating real revenue in your business, I’ve got some great news for you!

See, I know what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. I know what it’s like to work for other people in Soul sucking jobs that feel like their draining your spirit and stifling your potential. I also know DEEPLY what it’s like to not be able to prove to your spouse, family and friends that you can actually run a profitable business.

Look, money isn’t everything, but it can sure help make you feel more in control of your own destiny, stable and confident. And when you feel more stable, confident and in control you show up much more powerfully in your coaching, help people get greater results and of course make more money to live your life by design.

When you shine, you open the doors for others to shine as well.

So I’d love to help you design your own personalized strategy for a profitable biz over the next year. You really can do this! And you don’t have to wait until 2019 to start! Once you register you’re in!

Normally my private coaching rate per month is more than this offer, but I’ve figured out a way to make this affordable for you, especially if money is an issue.

Announcing the “Get it Done” Laser Coaching Program

In this program, I work with you over short, 15 minute phone calls to help you:

* Create your first or next coaching program that helps your clients get results and creates consistent income for you

* Design your automated webinar funnel so it can do some of the marketing and selling of your work for you

* Plan and implement a program or product launch to help create passive income when the time is right

* Replace the income you made/make at your job, cause… no explanation needed…

* Quiet your inner critic/fear/shame/guilt when your mind or old triggers try to keep you from moving forward to your success

* Any business goal!

Now, for a VERY limited number of clients, the program is just 1999 for one full year of UNLIMITED 15-minute Laser Coaching sessions with me, so that you can build a business you love, create consistent income & have the accountability you need to finally “Get it done.” Let’s get you profitable. And let’s do it for YOU and the people who are waiting for your help.

I mean, if you do the math, that’s less than $84/month to create a sustainable inspirational, profitable (portable) business!

The way the program works is that we meet on the phone for a very powerful 15 minutes (30 minutes for our first call so that I can learn about your specific situation).

On each call, we’ll agree on “homework” so that you can implement between calls to move forward. Once you’ve done your homework, you can schedule your next call. So for example, you can have your call on a Wednesday, do your homework right after your call, and schedule your next call right away.

Note: You must always complete your homework to schedule another call.

I cannot think of a better, faster way to help you overcome any blocks to making money in your business. And, I’m excited to help you turn that around!

If you already recognize this as the perfect solution to move you from where you are now to where you want to be – here is the link to get started:


And if you’re still not sure, please reread this again → it gets better and better every time you realize the answer to being profitable is in your reach. I can help you do this. Don’t let another day, week, another year or for some – decades of your precious life slip by, only to then look back with regret. We’ve had enough of that. You can do this! I can help you!


– You’ve got a sense of humor
– You’re willing to take action
– You’re willing to invest in yourself
– Spiritual principles don’t scare you
– You love people and use money (and
not the other way around)


If you have any questions about the program, simply send an email to hello@jeejeesaafir.com And if you already know you’re ready for my help, here’s the easy link to get started:


BTW, I’m limiting this coaching offer to 3 people, so that I have plenty of time to support you on your journey.

You can do this! You are worth it! And I can help you!

Let me answer a few questions for you:

* Is there a payment plan? No. If you’re determined enough, I trust you’ll find a way to do this in one payment. (PayPal credit might be a good choice).

* What if I’m not ready to start? No worries, sign up now and keep the coaching in your back pocket for when you’re ready (we start the 1 year clock when you have your first call). Although I’ll tell you, it’s very likely that you are ready now, you just need some coaching on what to do first. 

* Is 15 minutes really enough time for a coaching session? Yes, if we skip the chit-chat and get right done to business it is. Your first call is actually 30 minutes so that I can get to know you better and get clear on the goal. After that it’s 15 minute get it done laser sessions.

* Is the homework super hard? Not at all. You and I must agree on the homework. It will likely be baby steps to move you forward, but if you’re feeling particularly productive you can ask me for more. (Don’t sleep on baby steps, that can make a big difference).

That’s it!

Once you sign up for coaching, you’ll get an email from me with instructions and a link to schedule our first (30-minute) call.

GUARANTEE – If, during our first call, you feel this is not the program for you, I will promptly return your money in full. So this is definitely a guaranteed risk-free offer.

There’s no reason not to grab this offer to make your next year the best one yet!

I’m so excited to offer you a solution to overcome any blocks to your profitability and fulfillment in your work in the world.

Just send an email to hello@jeejeesaafir.com if you have questions.


P.S. This is truly UNLIMITED coaching to help you finally breakthrough for yourself and those you’ll serve. Please send an email with any questions or click here to get started: