The Truth About Soul Mate Clients


Coaches & High Level “Helpers” think a “Soul Mate Client” is their “perfect fit,” and that’s what everyone wants, right? True or True?

Yes, there are clients who are a perfect fit for you and yes, there are many who are not. But the reasons you might think Soul Clients are “perfect” may be a little skewed…

See, they are not perfect because they pay you well, take your advice and get results… that’s surface stuff, and sure to some extent we want outcomes like that, however… that’s kindergarten stuff, and you’ve long graduated from that…

Here’s the truth… and you can take it or leave it, that’s the beauty of life…

A TRUE Soul Mate Client is a MIRROR, and you might want to brace yourself for this next part…

What this perfect-for-you soul mate person is actually going to do in your life and in your business (regardless of the impact you will have on them, and the money you’ll make as an exchange for your gifts) is that THEY will actually show you EVERYTHING that is holding you back.

And here you thought that was what you were here to do for them…

Now before you think that’s scary, stay with me…

Intimacy in ANY relationship will bring out everything hiding in your psyche. You’ve probably seen this more aptly modeled in your own personal relationships.

This requires you to take 100% responsibility for your own life and emotional maturity is 100% required.

Your relationship with your clients and potential clients will show you all the barriers you have put up. It will show you all the patterns you’re operating from.

And… you may not consciously see how it’s affecting you, and you may not be aware of how it’s showing up in your business, and you might be too afraid to even look there… but I’ll give you a clue… it often comes with this voices in your head…

“Why do I keep calling in clients who don’t do the work?”

“Why do I keep calling in potential clients who can’t afford me?”

“Why do I keep calling in clients who don’t trust my advice?”

“Why do I keep calling in potential clients who don’t trust I can help them?”

“Why do I keep calling in clients who just want me to save them?”

“Why do I keep calling in clients who step over my boundaries?”

“Why do I keep calling in clients who aren’t really committed?”

See, you may think that you’re here to help them change their lives but your “Soul Clients” and yes even your “Potential” soul clients… are the people who bring YOU to your own attention so you can ALSO evolve in YOUR own life & business.

This takes the importance of “getting” clients and having a thriving business to a whole other level. Because certainly you need clients to have a successful profitable business and to be able to give your gifts, but NOT just because it makes you money and lends to the lifestyle you uniquely desire, and NOT just because you can help them transform, but because your relationship with them WILL TRANSFORM YOU. I promise you…

Because you HAVE to evolve too. You’re here to expand too.

So it comes back to the fact that it’s not all about “What do I need to do to grow my business?” it’s about what do I need to shift in me, and what do I need to be willing to “be with” in me along the journey to grow myself and my business to higher and higher levels?”

And ULTIMATELY how can I be ALL IN, in relationship with my Soul Mate Clients, who actually ARE in many respects “Perfect-For-Me…” because they are my reflections to show me where I need to clear the “dirt and dust” from my own mirror.

Yes, you are the gift in their life for sure, but they are also the gift in yours.

When you clear the dirt and dust away and add just a dash of strategy to the mix, you’ll watch your revenue climb, and high quality 5-star clients show up who’ve finally realized they need to look no further than YOU.

What I’m creating for you right now, is going to give you that advantage.

So, stay tuned… I’ll show you the method to the madness. 😉