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Spend 10K for 8 weeks of coaching OR CLOSE YOUR EYES & GET FREE

When talking to clients I hear two overarching complaints almost all the time. 

Two complaints of which are almost 100% never true.

Those complaints…

#1 There’s not enough time.

#2 There’s not enough money.

Those two illusions are just the symptoms of how they’re using their minds.

They INVEST their TIME, which costs them MONEY on the STRESS, ANXIETY, OVERWHELM, INDECISION, and COMPARISON they suffer through each day.

The #1 true bottle neck in their business is the way they use their minds.

It’s not the strategies they use. Someone could take a terrible strategy and make it work, and someone else could take a phenomenal strategy and completely flop with it. 

It’s not the strategy, it’s the MIND and the IMAGES, and thus the energy that’s moving the pieces of the puzzle around creating the circumstances of their lives and businesses.

And the problem is that while most people understand 100% that mindset is important, after their mind doesn’t seem to work for them, they go right back to magic pill strategies.

And of course it’s not just the financial cost they’re dealing with, it’s the physical suffering that comes as a result of all the daily mental suffering. 

It’s the stress and dis-ease that ultimately take it’s toll on them while their trying to live their best lives and help others live theirs.

Here’s the thing…

Nothing escapes your mind. Not one imprint. Not one trauma. Not one thoughtless comment. Nothing.

Now certainly there are ways you could use to begin to rid yourself of these imprints and limiting beliefs around time, and money and business.

You could read personal development or spiritual books. 

You can do the inner work on yourself by asking yourself certain key questions, so you can understand what beliefs are holding you back, and then reframe them. 

That could certainly help a little, that’s what I did in the beginning.

But you could still be held back by fears, beliefs and “blocks,” that you’re not even aware of. I certainly was.

It’s very difficult to fix what you don’t understand, or that you can’t “see.”

And especially with blocks and beliefs that were likely ingrained at such a young age that you don’t even remember were created.

And no matter what you DO, no matter what strategy you try to use, often you’ll still continue to mirror those beliefs, and ultimately not get the results you want.

You could spend $10,000 on an 8 week coaching program that promises to help you make 10K consistently within 30 days and then every month and beyond…

That’s what people were paying the high level coach I used to do enrollment calls for back in the day.

Did they get those results in 30 days? A few maybe, on a good day, but most did not unless they were already at the threshold of that kind of money.

And sure she had some great mindset coaches working for her. I always thought the sessions I was privy to watch were pretty good.

But all that “talk therapy” as it was, was only scratching the surface and dealing with the presenting symptoms bringing those clients back for session after session without ever getting to the root cause of their problems.

But there’s another choice and it comes with an investment that’s a fraction of what those lovely clients were paying that coach.


YOU can rapidly transform your current situation and relationship with money and your business by closing your eyes and accessing your subconscious mind a.k.a your “VAULT OF MENTAL FREEDOM” to help you go back and eliminate the root cause and patterns of thinking that are keeping you from being or having whatever it is you want to achieve in your life and business, ie., supreme confidence online or with public speaking, or with selling out your services, or with charging higher fees or with writing that book or even with sleeping better, or with killer productivity, or excellent decision making skills… whatever…


I want you to be my next success story, so go ahead and allow yourself to email me at to see if we’re a fit to help you get rapid results for you and your business.