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Hey there, I’m JeeJee Saafir, founder of Profitable Displays of Affection (TM)

And I know you wanna know “about” me…

But, I’mma keep it real.

Even though my mission, vision and goals are valuable for me, truth be told, it’s not something YOU really care about (if you’re honest with yourself).

You likely could give a fart less.

You don’t really give a crap what my credentials are or what trainings I’ve taken, and blah, blah, blah… (Even though I’ll tell you about them here…)

Maybe in the recesses of your mind you care because achievement and accolades are what society has programmed you to believe is really important. 

And sure they count for something, I know…

But the truth is, you really only care about one thing…



How I can help YOU!

And I’m totally ok with that.

I know you care about enjoying work YOU love, helping people with YOUR gifts, making good money to support YOUR ideal lifestyle, being more YOU in your work and having more fun and fulfillment in YOUR life.

You wanna be on purpose…

And your desires are natural and it’s your birthright to see them to fruition.

You wouldn’t have these desires if something within you wasn’t calling you to them.

Sure I can tell my story, it’ll probably sound familiar to you… You know the one… about all the fear, the hiding out, not being myself, being wet behind the ears, afraid to make mistakes, not feeling good enough, thinking I didn’t know enough, afraid of what others would think or say, confusion about what to do…

Now, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea…

I cuss a little, talk about woo-woo *ish, love talking about cheeky topics, and ending people’s sentences with “That’s What She Said…”

I like innuendo, puns and the like.

Oh, and I’m the Fun Police issuing warrants if you aren’t having any!

However, I am serious about taking a stand for you to stop discounting yourself, beating up on yourself, telling the same old tired ass stories about your life and business, and living in that emotional muck you think you’re stuck with.

I like practical how-to steps too… Simple structures & systems are your friend…

Cause I’ve been the failed coach, killing her health (literally eating away at myself – as in I thought I was literally dying, no joke) to make my business work… and I had to find the sweet spot between the meditation & the marketing (so to speak) and ground it to actually make it work for me. 

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Here’s some stuff about me you think you care about…

I’ve been in the coaching industry and have been coaching for over a decade.

I have a masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

I know you’re like “what the hell is that?” (that means the study of the WHOLE person, body, mind and spirit).

I am trained as a spiritual coach & a transformational coach. As if there is some difference… I don’t know, but yes I paid to get trained in both of those things.

I am also a trained Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. Which means I use a little bit of good ol’ hypnosis a.k.a. “meditation with a goal,” to help you get past fears and phobias forever and create rapid results in your life and business.

I’ve also invested in some high profile biz coaches in my time.

I’ve been a blogger and writer for years.

I’ve worked in Sales for over 12 years.

That includes, direct sales (selling sex toys and giving presentations), distributor sales (selling parts to companies, cold calling, doing outside and inside sales), fitness training/coaching sales, the entertainment industry (actors, models & artists – marketing sales) and yes… “selling” my own coaching. 

I’ve worked with all kinds of coaches… sex coaches, meditation coaches, hypnosis coaches, relationship coaches, health coaches, self love coaches, marketing coaches, intuitive coaches, spiritual coaches, life purpose coaches… you name it…

At the end of the day offering the amazing work you do and making as much money as you choose is simply all about relationships.

The one you’ve built with yourself FIRST, and the one you build with others.

And as cliche as it seems, it is all about love… 

That’s what Profitable Displays of Affection is all about… 

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You deserve to have a life and business you love and I’m here to be your loving guide and kick-ass coach. 

At ProfitableDisplaysofAffection.com I’m passionate about helping brilliant, bad-ass coaches & transformation professionals, elevate their identity & their clientele so they can elevate the results they want in their businesses!

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Who I love to work with:

My Soul Client is a kick-ass sophisticated learner and achiever, who doesn’t take life too seriously and can laugh at herself and have a little fun along the way.

-She understands that her business requires inner and outer steps to be more profitable at her next level.

-She is great at what she does, and can help create transformation for people.

-She is seriously committed to her biz success and wants to work less and make more.

-She values self care, and her spiritual life is just as important as her biz.

-She wants to create higher income and call in her highest potential clients. (Mr. & Ms. Right Client’s)

-She is decisive, has a history of taking action and above all has a high level of energetic and personal responsibility

-She is willing to be coachable and accountable (goes without saying for 99% of my clients)

-She doesn’t wince over words like energy, vibration, frequency, Source, or other seemingly “woo-woo” words

-She is emotionally stable

-She likes practical steps and is willing to create systems to make her life and biz easier

And she is not a stick in the mud, whining, complaining, blamer, shamer or Judy Judgkins…

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10 Little Known Facts about “the JeeJ”

  • Ya’ can’t see it in most of my pictures but I’ve got freckles on my face, hands, legs, arms… basically EV-ER-Y-WHERE…
  • Even over 44 years old I still love teddy bears
  • In undergrad my favorite course was Sexuality. Took it twice just cause!
  • I am a dance lover. No exaggeration. Ask my friends and family. It’s one of the biggest passions and natural talents I’ve been blessed with. Studied ballet, modern dance, jazz, and tap. Love salsa, ballroom, steppin,’ hustlin,’ and droppin’ it like it’s hott! I also teach from time to time…
  • I have a twin brother who is one minute older than me
  • I love to sing in the shower (And I actually sound pretty decent)
  • I have a brilliant song writing son in college. We have a relationship I adore. Luv that kid…
  • I love funny jokes and embarrassing stories. It’s fun to laugh at “crap” that didn’t seem funny at the time!
  • I love comedies, high level spiritual teachings and other “out of this world” topics, yoga, strength training, walking and staying in shape
  • I can say the alphabet backwards in 5 seconds (bet me if you dare!)

But enough about me, let’s talk about you… <<<