Free H2H Money Conversation Makeover


Hey love,

I’m really excited to get your free 30 minute H2H Money Conversation Makeover started! 

It’s time to hear more YES’s, not only from your Mr. or Ms. Right Clients, but from yourself, that you can totally do this!

Your sales process is one of the most important processes you can have in your business so let’s dive into yours and see what’s missing so you can enjoy:

  • H2H Conversations that create cash!
  • Working with the RIGHT clients who are committed, ready and fun to work with
  • Sessions that have you feeling confident & loving your work
  • Happy clients who get awesome results

In this assessment, you’ll tell me everything about your sales process (or lack there of), and I will listen (it’s what I call Lucrative Listening!) with an open mind and heart.

Then I’ll do a brain dump and let you know everything I think you might want to tweak or add based on what I believe will have more of your Mr. or Ms. Right Clients saying “YES.”

If at the end, I’m feeling you, you’re feeling me, you like my style, you can tell I know how to rock a money conversation, and you want to see how working with me can take your biz to a whole other level… I’ll invite you to a Discovery Call with me and we’ll chat about how we can rock your coaching biz and have you on your way to your first or next really lucrative month of clients and sales!

Please enter your name, email and request for a H2H Money Conversation Makeover below.

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