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What others have to say about JeeJee…

“Working with JeeJee has been the best decision I have ever made in regards to my business. She supported me in creating a clear plan for moving into a 6 figure income, and helped me align with what truly motivates and inspires me about my work (something that is easy to forget when we are scrambling to “get by”) Her methods are practical, accessible, and super effective. I literally went from 0 clients calling, to having my inbox overflowing with inquiries within a few weeks. Her support between sessions is stellar, and she kept me in integrity with the highest vision of what I want to create for myself, my business, and my clients. I absolutely recommend working with JeeJee. She is worth every penny, and then some!
BTW – I booked another 6 month program this morning!”

Devi W.

“I love working with JeeJee because of her energy. She is very insightful and has helped me see the value in my work and the prices that reflect my expertise. Getting clear on my ideal client was a challenge for me, but JeeJee helped me define who that was. She also helped me package my transformation to appeal to my ideal client. I appreciate her candor and how she stretched my perspective in my coaching practice. I highly recommend her.

Alisa B.

“Words cannot describe the difference JeeJee’s coaching has made in my life. Prior to her guidance, I was embarking on something I was terrified of and my confidence was at an all time low. I was so afraid of moving forward, afraid of failing, and afraid of being revealed as a fraud! It crippled me so bad that I found myself completely apathetic.

My history was that I had experienced so much failure from over-producing and under-charging because I didn’t see my own worth. I had failed before and I was sure it was going to happen again.

I knew I needed something or someone to intervene on my behalf. At first, my partner and I were a little skeptical about the coaching process, and expected to chalk this up as validation that I was going to fail. Were we ever wrong! JeeJee’s honest and kickass counsel allowed me to gain the confidence to look deeper into myself, peeling away layer after layer, to uncover my true passion. She helped me explore my own limiting perceptions that created failure after failure. The company I started this Spring is not the same company I have right now. I am so proud of it, myself, my partner for her support, my strength, and my journey. My kids see me now as a strong and empowered entrepreneur living fearlessly because of JeeJee! My entire life has changed and I have become who I was always meant to be.”

Michele F.

“JeeJee helped to get me focused on my strengths and who I truly am. While I worked very hard… and did a lot of research for my individual mentoring clients, I could not have made such an increase in my income… and with such confidence, without her guidance and useful tools.”

Gerlie M.

“After a few very difficult years in business and in life, I was frazzled and drained. I heard JeeJee speak about her business coaching program and I was mesmerized. I had been so busy that I had never really taken the time to understand what the underlying problem could be. I was excited by the idea that I could work with JeeJee who also was a business person yet seemed so…relaxed and confident. Relaxed and confident were words that had not described me for a long time.

I was  tired, unhappy, and stressed out. I knew I needed help. It was not a difficult decision to hire JeeJee. What did I have to lose? I am happy to say that I did hire JeeJee to be my coach. I am much happier, less stressed, and more confident than ever.

I never would have gotten to this point without JeeJee’s special talent for teaching business principles from a spiritual point of view. I learned, through the exercises and “playwork”, that my main problem was the way I was treating myself. JeeJee taught me a new way of managing my business that benefits ME. In my previous, frazzled state I was only thinking about how to bring in more clients. Now I take my time and market to the clients that are best suited to me and my business. I have learned that I can run a profitable business without constantly bending my policies to fit everyone’s situation… and I have gained respect because of it.

I highly recommend JeeJee as a business/life coach. The principles she teaches apply to business, but all aspects of life as well. I took a short break from these practices during a vacation and believe me, I paid for it. I will apply the practices and techniques that JeeJee has taught me forever. It just occurred to me, in writing this letter, that the biggest lessons I have learned from JeeJee are the things that drew me to her in the first place. I have become much more relaxed, and confident. It feels fantastic.”

–Kate H.