D3D9404A-74D1-482A-9BB9-38958122FD3ACoaches & Transformation Professionals are sophisticated learners & achievers. Some through formal education, personal development training & other studies, and some simply through the school of hard knocks, and many with a blend of both.

They’re game-changers & creatives pushing the envelope.

They may speak, teach, train, write, create, or heal but they especially inspire and uplift.

They’re full of drive, determination, strength and resilience.

They create their own jobs & live by their own rules.

They turn ideas into empires and make an exponential impact on the world around them.

But they get stuck. They get overwhelmed. They encounter fear, doubt, uncertainty and seeming “failure” and often they’re held back by hidden constraints that sabotage their best efforts.

They still deal with real problems like tough intimate relationships, health challenges, money issues, distractions, kids, etc.

They face down anxiety, depression, past wounds, disappointments… and all kinds of fears every day.

And sure they could seek a therapist or hire a coach to help them succeed, but while traditional therapy or coaching can eventually help you close the door on childhood hurts, challenges & issues, it often takes a long time & people say it hurts and it’s hard.

And other approaches start with surface-level symptoms & never address the REAL cause.

My job is to help you do great things.

That’s what I love most about working with established entrepreneurs.

So I ask…

What would the ROI of your work be if you were able to finally resolve:

*IMPOSTER syndrome

*Sales fear & fear of rejection

*VISIBILITY fears, ie., public speaking and presentations, FB lives, social media & marketing outreach

*Panic, anxiety and overwhelm 

*Procrastination & self sabotage

*Fear of failure/success

*HABITS that lead to LESS productivity and business performance i.e., smoking, weight issues, insomnia and sleep problems, and even alcohol dependency 

What has it cost to continue with these same issues?

Anxious day in and day out wasting precious energy distracted, overwhelmed, chronically doubtful and indecisiveness…

How much income has it cost month in and month out to waste precious mental energy in the hamster wheel of your mind instead of in inspiration and action?

How much energy, vitality, well being and peace of mind has it cost your body because you’re so tired and maybe even secretly depressed from pushing, pushing, pushing and working yourself to exhaustion?

How much time has it cost you to be indecisive mulling over things again, and again, and again that could be done much more rapidly and efficiently?

What toll has it taken on your relationships as you constantly worry about what others think, as you project your fears, stresses and sabotaging behaviors into your relationships with loved ones, colleagues or clients?

And what’s the ROI if you gained the winning edge over your mind?

What’s the ROI on having unshakable CONFIDENCE in yourself, your message, your work and the fees you charge?

What’s the ROI on being able to operate at peak performance?

What’s the ROI on being decisive and taking action without being held back by doubt and old habits of self sabotage?

What’s the ROI on being free from your past, free from the fear of being judged or rejected, free from the fear of failure or success, free from feeling like a fraud, or free from guilt or shame?

What’s the ROI on feeling completely accepted and loved by YOURSELF?

We could add it up in dollars.

We could add it up in loving relationships. 

We could add that up in energy and a thriving body. 

We could add that up in peace of mind and purposeful living.

And it would all be pretty priceless.

I recognize that most already understand the power of a positive mindset, (you can find that information anywhere these days) but it’s now time to get beyond the theory and the TRYING and actually use the power of your mind to get real tangible results.

I want to offer the remedy. Permanent transformation.

The remedy that will end all the wishing to be free. No more basic mindset work, or useless activities that give you hope but that don’t really grow you or your business.

This is the remedy that will allow you to be FREE from whatever is holding you back.

It’s time to get your MIND on your side.

And we do this together by resolving the CORE belief(s) you’re operating from, the one(s) that often has the domino effect on your life and business.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a powerful gift and hybrid therapy that works in tandem with deep coaching.

It takes all the best aspects of psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, healing, neuroscience, counseling and coaching. 

I take you deep into your unconscious mind to help you find the TRUE ROOT CAUSE (usually something that happened in childhood) of why you’re held back in any way in your business or career.

You might THINK you know what that issue is CONSCIOUSLY, but I promise you your SUBCONSCIOUS knows far more accurately than you do.

And we get right to it, uncover that old would, heal it, reframe that old story and rewire your mind for success.

We do that in as little as ONE to three sessions. We follow this with a personalized hypnosis recording (a.k.a. meditation with a goal) + deep coaching and accountability to make sure you permanently recode, rewire & lock in our work together.

Your mind will become a great servant for you and as we work together you’ll make this new way of being and doing in your life and business completely FAMILIAR.

Your work in the world makes a difference for you, your clients & the people you love. It’s time your life reflects it in greater income, purpose, fulfillment & peace of mind. 

Email info@profitabledisplaysofaffection.com or send a DM to me on Facebook to inquire about whether it’s a fit to work together to increase your ROI.

“I have taken a few days before I wrote feedback to you with regards to our session and I am so glad I did, because the transformation has tripled in size since the session day!

You are a diamond in the RTT world!

I cant describe in words what magic you have worked on me, but I feel freer, I feel way more confident and you set me on fire! It’s like you have unleashed the power within me and renergised my entire system!!!!

I can’t thank you enough for allowing enough space and time for the healing, understanding and revitalising to occur!!!

You had got my issue even from the initial phase of just talking to me, you noticed where the problem was way before the session and the session was just like the cherry on the cake! I couldn’t have asked for more! There is honestly no price for how you have shifted my perspectives…

And to top it off, I have got a new client today and I charged more than I normally had before, because I know I am worthy, I know I am loveable and loving and I know that the money involved is only a loving act to myself!

Its just an energy that will lift my spirit up knowing that I can make space for serving humanity more than working a day to day job and this is only the beginning!

I thank you from the core of my heart, from the core of my being for your professionalism, talent, care and love!

You have set me to fly high with confidence in myself, in my abilities, in my new clients and in the entire Universe!

You have also shifted a very limiting money belief!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear soul!”