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Get everything in this toolkit to help you call in your perfect-for-you, ready-to-invest Mr. or Ms. Right Clients, command premium fees for your Heartwork, and do the work that you’re truly lit up about and gets your clients results!

What’s included? Glad you asked.

Who Are Your Soul Clients? [Action Guide & Audio]

Before you do anything you want to be clear on who your Soul Clients are. Why? Because when you’re clear, it makes your marketing easier, your messaging clearer, you do your best work with these awesome people and you make more money! (value $47)

What’s Your Core Value Offer? [Action Guide]

This is not about the perceived value of the programs and services you provide, this is far more important. This is about your STATE. That core energy you choose to live and do business from. This is the “offer” that shows up before you do. This will serve you in connecting with potential clients, in creating offers, in your productivity and in your ability to bring in more clients. (value $27)

What’s Your Program Promise [Action Guide]

Easily answer the question “So, what do you do?” (no matter what type of coach, healer or expert you are, or whether you’re more spiritual or esoteric, doesn’t matter). Uncover the one sentence that clearly states who you help, what you do, and how you help. 

PLUS… Uncover the value of the transformation you provide (this is priceless)! This is the core, specific reason someone will want to sign up as your client. (value $97)

Brainstorm Your Brilliance [Action Guide]

Be able to charge what you’re worth by Brainstorming Your Brilliance. It’s time to stop discounting your value, experience and expertise and own how awesome you are. You bring more than just “what you know to the table,” uncover your greatness so you can have the confidence to ask for the prices you deserve. (value $27)

The One Simple Shift You Can Make Right Now To Double Your Influence & Income and 3 Mistakes to Avoid to Get it Right! [Action Guide]

The internet is awash in people telling you, you need to have this, that and the other in place, before you can make the kind of money you truly desire and help the outstanding people you’re truly meant to help. Wouldn’t you rather just have it broken down like stupid simple. Yes? There’s only one simple shift you need to make. (value $47)

Move Through Fear: 7 Steps to Move Through Fear & Doubt for More Profit, Purposeful Productivity and Peace of Mind + Bonus (Kick Ass Fear Obliteration Strategy) (value $97) [Action Guide & Audio]

What’s the #1 thing that holds even the most kick-ass of lady coaches, healers, experts and empowerment leaders back? Yep, it’s the “F” Word. FEAR.

Learn step by step how to transform your fears and doubts and keep moving forward.

In this audio you’ll discover:

  • Why money is not the TRUE cause of your negative feelings
  • Learn why affirmations, visualizations & other manifestation techniques haven’t been working to grow your business
  • Learn how to give up the story of who you think you are in relation to money
  • The best tool to handle the distrust and worry that pop up in your mind when you’re trying to take consistent action in your business


Kick Ass Fear Obliteration Strategy [Guide] If you do this exercise on a regular basis, soon those things you thought were terrifying will seem natural, easy and even common. 

Get this entire bundle of client attraction tools for the price of one date night meal!

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Even just one new client would easily recoup this TINY investment and well… we know you can attract more than one client, right? Worth it? I think so. Find out for yourself. Grab the Soul Client Attraction toolkit today. Your future clients will thank you.