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Hey lady, the Business Love Doctor is in…

PDA JeeJee PicAnd she prescribes the following…

These programs are for you if you’re a smart, bad ass, coach or expert (with a good sense of humor!) & you no longer want to be afraid of getting a little dirty (and I mean that in a very good way…)

This is especially for you if…

You’re tired of attracting “I can’t afford it,” “I need to think about it,” “I’ll try to do it on my own,” “I need to talk it over with my spouse…” kind of people (you know ’em)

You’re undercharging like it’s going out of style (burn out and struggle ain’t cute)

You’re on Facebook all damn day trying to “convince” people that what you have to offer is valuable (we don’t try to convince around here)

You’re attracting demanding, don’t do the work, headache clients (ain’t nobody got time for that)

You’re tired of having your voice drowned out by all the other coaches out there (it’s time for you to shine LOUD and PROUD)

You’re desperate and you’re settling for working with anyone who will pay you, and you know they aren’t who you truly want to help (gurl bye, no more of that!)

You’re tired of feeling embarrassed or ashamed that you’re not making the impact or income you know you’re capable of, and you’re tired of hearing from the “get practical” peanut gallery in your life (don’t you wanna shut them up? Let’s do it!)

So, if you’re serious about calling in your true SOUL CLIENTS, commanding PREMIUM FEES, and making an impact in this world, then pick your potion below:

The Business of Love VIP Intensive 

(This is for my ladies who know that quickies are great too!)

By application only

This is a deep dive 4 hour strategy intensive for kick-ass coaches who are finally ready to shine online, and create high-end clients you love.

We’ll work on: Mindset, Worn out B.S. Beliefs & Untangling your Energy, Positioning Yourself as the Go-To-Expert, Packaging up Your Zone of Genius, Pricing your Premium Offer & Sexy Soulful Sales Strategies that Convert

You’ll get your customized 60 to 90 min daily marketing plan, and we’ll craft your freebie.

And we’ll follow it all up with 30 days of Email Support & Accountability to make sure your ducks are in a row, that you continue to implement and that you’re operating from your best aligned self.

Schedule Your (NO COST) Discovery Session by clicking the link below:


“Settle for More” Private Mentoring

By application Only

This program is for you if you are already have experience with clients but are ready to take your biz to the next level of income and impact and you’re COMPLETELY done “Settling for Less.”

This program is also for you if you are a FUN sophisticated learner & achiever who is truly committed to sharing a message that calls in more cash, helps more people, and moves you forward as a shining example of what it means to be a kick-ass female leader who Settles for More.

This 3 month mentorship program combines client attraction, inner game training, transformational coaching skills & business and marketing systems that will help you explode your influence, income and time freedom and helps you allows you to have a business that serves YOU as much as it serves the world.

Get access to my done-for-you templates, scripts and guides for quicker, smoother implementation

Plus unlimited email & emergency support between sessions when necessary (no you cannot contact me all hours of the night woman, but I’m here for you)

Schedule Your (NO COST) Discovery Session by clicking the link below:


Are YOU a Good Fit for VIP Mentoring?

I designed this experience for you if you know in your heart that when you’re waiting until the “right” time to get more clients, raise your fees, or take your business to the next level, you’re hiding out and playing small.

You’re decisive, have a history of taking action and above all, take 100% responsibility for your life.

If that’s you, then let’s talk. Schedule your call today.

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I knew I needed something or someone to intervene on my behalf. At first, my partner and I were a little skeptical about the coaching process, and expected to chalk this up as validation that I was going to fail. Were we ever wrong! JeeJee’s honest and kickass counsel allowed me to gain the confidence to look deeper into myself, peeling away layer after layer, to uncover my true passion. She helped me explore my own limiting perceptions that created failure after failure. The company I started this Spring is not the same company I have right now. I am so proud of it, myself, my partner for her support, my strength, and my journey. My kids see me now as a strong and empowered entrepreneur living fearlessly because of JeeJee! My entire life has changed and I have become who I was always meant to be.”

Michele F.

“JeeJee helped to get me focused on my strengths and who I truly am. While I worked very hard… and did a lot of research for my individual mentoring clients, I could not have made such an increase in my income… and with such confidence, without her guidance and useful tools.”

Gerlie M.

“Working with JeeJee has been the best decision I have ever made in regards to my business. She supported me in creating a clear plan for moving into a 6 figure income, and helped me align with what truly motivates and inspires me about my work (something that is easy to forget when we are scrambling to “get by”) Her methods are practical, accessible, and super effective. I literally went from 0 clients calling, to having my inbox overflowing with inquiries within a few weeks. Her support between sessions is stellar, and she kept me in integrity with the highest vision of what I want to create for myself, my business, and my clients. I absolutely recommend working with JeeJee. She is worth every penny, and then some!
BTW – I booked another 6 month program this morning!”

Devi W.