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6 Keys to Black Women’s Thought Leadership

Sound like you?

You somehow feel like you’re not good enough to share what you have to say, or that someone else could do it better?

You may be making money but your message is still unclear and unaligned, so you’re not becoming known for what you stand for?

You’re envious or jealous of other women who seem to be killing it in their work in the world?

Are you afraid that maybe your family, friends and even the people you want to help might reject you or ridicule your ideas?

I know what it’s like.

I suffered from all of the above. Always questioning myself, always judging myself, not feeling worthy, discounting my true gifts, (even while I was lifting other people up and showing them the value and power of their own gifts, I was still discounting my own).

JeeJee light blueI was still putting out watered down messages. Still scattered in what I wanted to do, and who I was really meant to serve, even though I was good at what I did, I was completely defying who I was and what my truth was.

I wasn’t walking my own talk. I was literally dumbing myself down and trying to be what I thought other people wanted me to be, and the voice in me got so loud and the emotional pain got so big that I couldn’t deny it anymore. I had to look at myself and it wasn’t pretty.

I was the common denominator.

AND I was DONE dumbing down the wisdom my soul truly wanted to share. I was done taking actions and delivering messages disguised as “inspiration.” I was done letting the fear and the doubt dim the intensity of my desire to serve and shine. I was done stifling my own calling.

And what happened… 

All of a sudden the floodgates opened and it was as if my intuition just took over, I was writing things and telling stories that weren’t coming out of my intellectual brain, it was just showing up in my videos, in my writing, with my clients. It was a pull I couldn’t deny if I wanted to. Everything clicked!

Until your message is true, clear and aligned, it will hold you back.

So if you have wishy washy language in your marketing or you’re just not clear on what you stand for, and the stories you’re meant to share, don’t wait to get clarity, do it for the tribe you’re here to help and for yourself because they can’t hear you or “feel” you otherwise!

In this Course you will:

*Get crystal clear on the central idea and belief that’s driving your work in the world.

*Get total clarity on the shifts in perspective, the ideas and the “Pearl of Wisdom that you’re a stand for that you want to see spread in the world.

*Learn how and where to share these pieces of wisdom, so you become known for your ideas. When people think of you, they’ll think of your ideas, and when they think of your ideas they’ll think of you.

*Learn what your parables are. Your parables are your stories, your teachings your examples, that help to demonstrate and reveal your insights. This makes it super easy for people to actually remember your ideas and insights as well as being able to then easily go out and share them with other people, and that’s how your ideas spread.

*Write your Manifesto. A manifesto is a piece of writing that boldly declares what you stand for and what you believe and what your key ideas and shifts in perspective are. You’ll be able to share this Manifesto with your people.

*Marry your message! Have a Commitment Ceremony to your message & your mission. This will help you get past the self doubt and fear of sharing your voice and ideas with the world. The other women in the community will witness your commitment and celebrate with you.

*Be part of a private community (our village!) of other amazing women just like you to share in celebration and refinement of your ideas (via video & written on a private Facebook group). Here you’ll be in a safe space devoted to celebrating one another and to deep listening as you all share your messages with the world. This alone is priceless!

Leave the course with total clarity on your message, so that you can grow your mission, your business, or your work in the world as well as enjoy a deep sense of inner satisfaction that you are living in your purpose.


Here are the modules we’ll work through together in the Black Women’s Thought Leadership Society

Module 1: Community, Empathy & Your Why

  • Learn about the extreme importance of Deep Listening, Celebration & Refinement as you develop strong cohesion with women
  • Discover the power of Empathy & Intuition as you access your Pearls of Wisdom & Innovative Ideas
  • Clarify what you believe and the WHY behind your work, so that people are energetically and emotionally called to your work and will help you spread your message

Module 2: Your Golden Pearl of Wisdom

  • Focus in on not only what the challenge, frustration or confusion is that you feel called to help transform, but tune in on what excites you as well
  • Get clear on what your key idea or shift in perspective is that you are a stand for and want to see spread in the world (aka, your Golden Pearl of Wisdom)
  • Discover your repertoire of transformative ideas

Module 3: Sharing Your Pearls & Becoming Known for Your Ideas

  • Brand yourself and become known for your ideas
  • Assemble your Parables, or the teachings, stories and examples that highlight your ideas & wisdom
  • Own the value of your ideas and have the freedom to share them

Module 4: Declare What You Stand For

  • Write your Manifesto: the document or graphic that will clearly state what you stand for in this world
  • Put power behind your words by learning how to make what you say “land” with people

Module 5: The Courage & Generosity to Keep Sharing

  • Learn practices to transform fear of rejection, self-doubt and embarrassment, and turn it into strength, boldness and the generosity to keep sharing your “Pearls”
  • Celebrate and refine your Manifesto

Module 6: Marry your Message & Mission!

  • Have your own Commitment Ceremony to pledge your devotion to your message and mission
  • Celebrate other women in the Society as they hold theirs


Exclusive Access to help you deepen what you learn in the BWTLS and take your work in the world to the next level!


Meet Kenya Halliburton.Kenya C3 Pic Kenya is a divorced Mompreneur of 3 active boys & touts herself as the Online Business Choreographer. She’s more than familiar with life getting in the way of your best intentions of building your dream business. Life’s challenges have of a way of making us get creative. She has channeled her creativity into a systemized process to help female entrepreneurs with BIG ambitions and complicated lives build their businesses online.

She’ll be teaching “life friendly” marketing that takes the guesswork out of marketing online.

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Take back control of your time so that you can build the stamina required to do the work you love AND take impeccable care of yourself so you can create a movement that matters.

Adama PicMeet Adama Hamadi. Adama (rhymes with comma) is the human permission slip for women that feel overworked and underappreciated. As a Delicious Living Coach, Adama teaches busy women who think they don’t have time for self-care how to ask for what they want with confidence and set boundaries without guilt. Known for her slightly irreverent humor and tell-it-like-it is teaching style, Adama is passionate about helping women say “No” to what drains them so they can say “Yes” to a truly delicious burnout-proof life.

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The world needs your voice NOW more than ever, and speaking is one of the best ways to grow your work in the world, become a confident influential speaker and make money with your message.

Enter…  Black Speakers NetworkBSN Primary Logo

Brian Olds is the Founder & Principal Consultant of Black Speakers Network a speaker development, networking and empowerment company based in Baltimore, Maryland. The Mission of BSN is to equip connect and inspire the next generation of Black Professional Speakers. 

Get access to this exclusive pre-recorded Speaker Development Class featuring Brian Old’s & co-founding member Tiffany Bethea as they help you develop a new level of confidence about how to package & promote your speaking platform to the masses.

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The Black Women’s Thought Leadership Society supports the Pretty Brown Girl Movement

Pretty Brown Girl’s mission is to address adverse social issues affecting girls of color through self-acceptance and leadership development programs in an atmosphere of celebration, empowering them to fulfill their dreams and promote positive change in their communities.

Pretty Brown Girls

For too long, women and girls of color have been told subtly and blatantly that we are just not as good as others. We intend to change this paradigm from the INSIDE OUT.

The BWTLS is gifting 10% of the proceeds from this course to support the PBG Foundation to help put this powerful program in more schools nationally.

Join the course and feel good that you supporting young brown girls hearts, voices and dreams.

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Here is how we’ll work together in the Black Women’s Thought Leadership Society

  • 6 Weekly Group Calls + 1 Bonus Training Call & Bonus Workbook
  • Resources, exercises and practices (videos & workbooks) to help you get clarity, understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and take ACTION on what you learn
  • Recordings of all calls
  • Access to the Private Facebook Community (Our Village!)
  • Weekly check-ins to get more questions answered and to stay accountable

Imagine getting so crystal clear on what you stand for and finding the freedom and joyous fearlessness to share it!

Investment Options

$598 for the course only


VIP Option: Includes 30 days of email support and 1 private mentoring session


This is a course for Black/Melanated women who want to be completely confident in sharing their PEARLS OF WISDOM with the world and feel totally satisfied in their souls that they are living in their purpose. 

Who this is NOT for:

You can probably self identify by now. Don’t second guess you’re intuition. You can feel if I’m not your flavor, but if you need help…

I do cuss a little. I don’t work with complainers, shamers, blamers, Negative Nelly’s, Judy Judgkins, people who wince at words like “energy”, “vibration,” “penises” (ok I probably won’t say penises that much ;-D)… not willing to do the work, don’t have an open mind to new concepts, can’t laugh at themselves… You get the picture…

We are here to lift each other up and if that’s too much trouble for you then you are in the wrong place. 

Frequently asked questions

When does the program begin?

BWTLS starts Wednesday July 18th

Gain access to the private FB Community where you’ll meet other amazing women and start working through your Leadership Life Map to discover your signature “presence” and “point of view” in the world. Uncover what your life’s theme has prepared you to contribute to the world.

When are calls scheduled?

Each call is scheduled for Wednesdays at 6:30PM EST

Dates: July 18, 25 & August 1, 8, 15, 22 + Bonus training week of Aug 27

How can I trust myself to stay accountable?

Each week you’ll have a form to send to me before you check in to class. You’ll be reflecting on your experiences, your challenges, and any questions you might have.

This is critical, and I’ve learned from experience that checking in is a powerful, results-generating exercise. This ensures that you take the time to reflect on what you’ve learned during the week, ensuring that you retain and integrate much more of what you’ve learned.

How long is each module?

There are 6 training modules + 1 Bonus training – each with their own homework assignments. Each module will run 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on how long we take with Q & A.

How are you different from other coaches out there?

If you haven’t already here’s the link to the replay of “6 Keys to Black Women’s Thought Leadership”. Decide for yourself.

Is this right for me even if I’m just starting out?

Absolutely. This is the perfect time to get crystal clear on the message of your work and build all of your marketing and content around it from the start. You’ll save time, money and frustration.

Is this right for me if I’ve been in business for many years and I’m already successful with my business?

If you want to truly step into thought leadership and be known for your ideas, then yes. There is a big difference between having a successful business and being known in the world as a thought leader. Being known for your gifts, ideas and Pearls of Wisdom could very well be the next evolution of your work in the world.

I’m really busy in my business or job and with my personal life right now. How much time will this require?

Believe me, if you’re committed to having a message that will take you to new places in your work in the world, you’ll want to make the time. There is only a one hour of commitment to be on the call per week and if you can’t make it live the recording will be provided.

Also the assignments have been structured in a way that often you’ll be doing your homework right on the call. Because as I’m working with women on the calls, you’ll have lots of ideas come to you and you’ll capture them while you’re on the call.

Is there a refund policy?

Your Guarantee

If you show that you did ALL of the coursework, & that you participated completely, and yet you were not satisfied, I will refund your money. So there is nothing to lose in signing up to do this work with me, and SO MUCH that can be gained.

Any other questions?

Please email

Here’s to your voice & message. Your tribe awaits!

JeeJee xoxo